If You Had To Stay Inside All Day For Many Days....

 In this time of so many things going on and so many of us getting completely inundated in everything, I thought about this question. If you had to stay inside, all day, for many days without leaving at all, what could you accomplish? You would have a bathroom, running water, food, cable, electricity, and anything that was related to communication, you just could not leave your place for lets say 3 days.

  Now it's not enough to ask the question without knowing who would be with you during this time. Are you alone? Is there more than one person with you? Is it your house or someone Else's house? The other question is, are all of your limbs functioning properly or are you a bit challenged?These are definitely factors that will change the story for sure.

  I am writing this posting because I have a friend who is in this situation right now. She cannot leave her house unless she is driven somewhere by another person. She has a foot issue, so she has to let it heal before she walks normal again. Her surgery was successful, however, her recovery is truly taking every bit of patience for her to get through.

   So I thought to myself, what would I do in her position? I came up with many random things that are a bit mundane to tackle right now in my healthy state. I take that back. I "choose" not to take care of them in this particular moment. I would call people, erase many emails, write many blogs ahead of time, read books and magazines, and also play my guitars. That is a short list of course. But the bigger picture here is how often do we just stop and truly concentrate on one thing? I concentrate fully during yoga, but even then, crazy thoughts slip in and sometimes yank me right out of focus.

   I love things that force us to pay attention in life. I am talking about things like, bowling, or skydiving, or lighting a match, or boiling water on a stove, or even peeing into a cup for the doctor. It's in these moments that we get to see our truest form of focus and presence. We feel it and surely we can duplicate it in other ways, yet no one punishes us if we do not.

   In closing, many people do their best work with very few resources and being pressed for time. The mind zeros in on the goal and everything else is just not important. We have all seen that kind of focus as a lion chases a gazelle or a dolphin or a seal races to get the reward fish for its job well done. We see it in children who are ripping a gift apart or even in a young boy or a girl as they prepare to meet up with the love of their life.

   So there it is. What would you do if you had to get things done by just staying put? Would that ramp up your productivity or would it stifle you to no end? On the flip side, with no constraints at all and only your own free will, how focused are you right now in this moment? It's really not about the new year or the month or even the day. It's all about us. I remind myself of this several times a week. I don't always get it right, but I always know who to look at to find out why. Accountability magic is rather humbling. I think you smell what I am cooking. I wish you the highest level of bliss.



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