Extra Skills

  Well, you never know when someone is going to call upon you to do something that you normally don't do. For example, if you are playing a certain sport and you play the same position each and very time. You could be a chef and pretty much cook the same amazing dishes all of the time. You could even be a master linguist and be fluent in 4 different languages. This is all well and good until that person calls upon you to do something that you may have never done. Does this cause you to run for cover or to start getting tougher on yourself to make that person and yourself proud?

   I have been in this situation several ties in my life and I like to have fun with it when it happens. I remember quite sometime ago I was asked if I knew how to sing a few songs in Italian for a special gig. Now I had sung in Italian before, however, I had only sung a few numbers at that point. This was also many years ago, so I was a bit hesitant to say yes. However, at the last moment, I said that I could do it because I speak the language relatively well. It was challenging, a bit tense, and a bit crazy, but I got through it. I also had to sing with a native Italian woman that night. The pressure was thick.

    Over time I have come to realize that when you give someone an answer as to if you do a certain thing or not, it has to be definitive. Firstly, because they are counting on you to take care of it for them. Secondly, because it's just a good practice to be real and honest with yourself. This is a practice that I continually work on. The funny thing is how many people will never reach out to learn a new skill for the rest of their lives. Someone, somewhere, told them that they were limited and they actually believed them. This is a tragedy from the front to the back.

    Today I was asked if I had a certain skill, and I answered yes. This skill is one that I constantly work on daily. I am being vague because I want to remain focused on the actual amount of ability that I have with this particular skill. After I said yes, I felt something move in me. It was growth, fearlessness, and confidence all wrapped up in one. I feel like we tend to measure our abilities against the person or people that we know that do it the best in our minds. Therefore, we make it hard to excel because our bar is too high to begin with for sure. For example, you would not give yourself a year to paint as good as Dali. That would put all sorts of pressure on you. We gain new skills in our own time. Some come easier than others, but they all take some time for sure.

     So why have extra skills if the ones you have are serving you just fine? You all will have different answers for this for sure. I can only give you my perspective at this very moment. This is not the gospel, it's just my opinion. I believe that having multiple skills galvanizes the brain. It makes us go left and right and forward and back. It stops us from the common atrophy as well as protects us from boredom. It allows us to be more aware of the nuances as well as allows us to help others that may need us in any given moment. My favorite human beings in life are those that are ravenous as it relates to how things work. This is not a prerequisite for me to like or love anyone, its just something that gets my attention very quickly.

      In closing, I feel that my life is filled with so much diversity. There are things that I constantly have to stay on top of and things that just kind of flow. Things that I am constantly curious about, and things that I do quite well at with very little effort. There are even things that I have not done yet that are just waiting for me to pull the trigger on them. What are the skills that you are hiding from facing up to. What makes you afraid and excited all at the same time? Could some new skills fill your heart or your pocket more? Just asking, just seeking to uncover a possible diamond in you. Either way, reach out to me if you need my help. It may very well be my favorite thing to do. Ciao future skill collectors.....



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