Constant Gut Talk / Studio Heaven

  We all know when our gut is talking right? You would think that most people did by now. However, we all pass it off as something else from time to time. The problem is, that when we do that, generally we pay and we pay dearly.

   Today I was supposed to attend a wedding at City Hall in a town many miles away. I pulled out at the last moment because I was going to being driven there by another attendee and I had a strange feeling that I may have a hiccup getting back on time, based on the passed few days of harsh weather and train and bus cancellations and so forth. I had an appointment that I could not have been late for at all. Not to mention that almost everyone else would have not been in a hurry to leave. I didn't want to put anyone out. I have learned that if you cannot control when you arrive or leave from an event, it's best not to schedule anything before or after it. This rule has kept me from being late many times in a row.

    I decided to take the day slow and be mindful and in control of what happened. I drank tea, ate fruits, listened to different songs that I will have to perform in the next few days and I even managed to set up a thing or two for my next venture that is on the horizon. I was scheduled to finish a music project that was about half done. I needed to be there to complete it and that was that. Deciding is a powerful thing.

    So I arrived at my session and I was the first person there outside of the producer. He commented that I was early when I saw him outside of the building smoking. I replied with one word, "always."I was prepared for the session, yet I was a bit nervous as well. In my book, if I am not nervous, then it does not mean anything to me. The artist seems to always question their abilities not matter what. I believe that the artist has 4 times the average voices in our heads and they are just tireless every day f the week. When everyone is telling us how much they love it, we are many times mulling over the minute details that fell under the bar. It seems to always be a challenge.

    As I have stated in an earlier post quite some time ago, the studio is extremely humbling. Each and every note that comes out of your mouth is clear as a bell and your true voice is undoubtedly raw and naked. No matter how confident I am when I arrive, I have to really focus and work harder when I begin. I sand verses, bridges, choruses, and even ahhhhhs, and then a belting word or two here and there. It was a challenge once again.I never ever take it for granted. The behind the scenes of music is what keeps you very humbled to say the least. The songwriters were happy and so was I with the final product from today's session. It's not completely finished yet, but it will be relatively soon. What I did made me feel blessed and reminded me that I have so much more to learn, all at the same time.

     In closing, I missed a show that I really wanted to see tonight. Someone that I highly respect as a musician and a human being was playing at the same time that I was recording. That always makes me feel good. You know that you are both doing what you love and getting paid as well. You know that you are affecting others through music, and that each step is cumulative. As you get closer, you can feel it. I know that each musician has his or her own definition of "closer" as well. But most importantly, you know that you are connected in ways that only musicians can understand. I was in studio heaven tonight once again. I am blessed and I have so much yet to do. As the day winds down into its last few minutes, I feel great.





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