Celebrate Thy Brother

  Before I begin this posting, I will preface it by saying that this title can be ingested to your liking. There are many ways to connect with it. I went to an event yesterday that made me very emotional. Have you ever had that moment or series of moments that just swished everything inside of you around so much that you had to take many internal deep breaths as well as a couple of outward ones at the same time. If you have, you are human and you probably needed the cleansing.

   Quite a few years ago, I met a very strong and vibrant woman through a powerful network marketing company that had quadrupled in size from then until now. She was confident, poised, funny, honest, vulnerable, authentic, and most of all very blunt. I watched her interface with anyone at any time and really look into their eyes and listen. I got along famously with her. I could tell that we were cut from the same material. I watched her, even though she probably did not realize it. I supported her side endeavors and listened carefully to what she had to say. I watched her empower others and cause them to really look at their full potential. It was all magic in motion at all times.

    True leaders are always dispensing information whether they are speaking or not. That is my belief thus far in life. From what comes out of your mouth, to what you wear, to what you eat, all makes a statement. Others will watch you and then decide to ridicule you or to raise you up. There usually is no middle ground. When a leader is so blunt with you that you just cannot wait to confront your fears, you know that they are the real deal. She has said many things in my presence that made me question some of my own thoughts.

    So there I was surrounded by some seriously well read and well traveled people. Some of them had be incarcerated for many years, while others had never been behind bars, yet they had suffered through their own personal prisons. Either way, the event was in celebration of the common man doing uncommon things. Those who had been knocked down and not only got back up, but got back up as taller men. Their wives and/or girlfriends were there as well. They were there to support their strong and beautiful men. This was a very special event. My good friend made it known once again that we are always celebrating people that are gone. We do it when they are gone, but we do not celebrate them when they are here. She reminded us that this was crucial to keeping the human spirits buoyant and filled with purpose.

    As I sat in the audience for about 2 and a half hours, I was filled with emotion. I was not exactly sure why I was on the verge of tears almost the entire time, I just knew that it was for a good reason. Was it because there was not even a stitch of negativity or disdain? Was it because I saw more people smiling than frowning? Maybe it was because when any of us are in an environment that is constantly loving, we basically have no choice but to follow suit? Quite frankly, it was probably for all of those reasons.

   The stories were so rich. The people who had come to support their loves ones were so proud for them and it was so evident. The videos that were played before each honoree came to the stage were so moving and so real. I had a front seat at the Oscars for stellar human beings who have been making a difference, raising other people up, and most of all defying the odds as it relates to what is possible when you believe in your direction and never give up. One of the quotes that always sticks with me in my life is, "It's impossible to stop a man or a woman who won't quit." The gentleman who coined that phrase was in attendance and he was dynamic and very easy tot connect with on all levels.

    I was humbled by how many people that I ran into at the event from the company that I am still connected with today. They remembered me and I them. As the saying goes, people may not remember what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel. The money that I paid to attend this concert was not an issue. You cannot put a price on this type of synergy between loving and passionate human beings of this caliber. I left feeling lighter and more connected to that side of me that really thrives on raising all things that I touch or come into contact with to another level.

    Imagine what would happen if you paid attention to all of things that are right with your friend, partner, banker, florist, or even your boss. These awards did just that. It was not about celebrities or financial rewards, however,  a woman did win a raffle that was free to be a part of it. She won $100 in cash. Guess what? After she won, it seems that she was so emotional about the event, she gave it back to the movement and did not keep it for herself. That was a teachable moment if there ever was one.

    The energy in this place could have lit up a million lights across America. I am so fortunate to have been there and to have experienced so much joy just being present to clap and to smile and be of emotional service to others. What an incredible ride. I could go to one of those events a few times a week. Let's celebrate each other more. Let's find a different way every day to bring joy to others. Let's just dispense more magic than hate. It's worth it, trust me.



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