Can I Take Your Picture?

  When you are riding on the NY subway you can always count on something to jump out at you and spray you with a bit of entertainment. I am not talking about the dancers who put on a show, or the occasional poet, or singer. Although, I do highly respect them as well. I am talking about the kind of entertainment that comes from the basic train rider who just gives you an impromptu piece of themselves for just the price of the subway ride.

   She walked on the train and her face was painted as if she were in the new Cirque Du Soleil show. She was about 30 or so, and she was very attractive. I saw her as she walked on the train from about 10 feet away. I was mesmerized by how detailed her face was painted. I watched as others stared at her as well and in about 1 minute, she was the center of attention on the train.

   I began to wonder why she was painted this way? Was she in a show somewhere? Was she on her way to a special even that each invitee had to have a face painting? Was she coming from her house and just testing to see what kind of reactions she would get? I could not tell either way. All I do know is that she shook up the moment in a most colorful way.

   I knew that it had to happen. A man spoke to her that had a very nice camera in his hands. He asked if he could take a picture of her. She was very reluctant at first. She claimed that she did not know him and that she did not know what he would do with the pictures. He told her that she could trust him and that he would only take a few. Then she asked if she could see it after he had shot them? In a few moments, she allowed it and then started to walk away.

   Just watching this interaction was interesting to me for a few reasons. The woman seemed to not be interested in having her picture taken, however, her body language said something very different. The moment he expressed interest, her whole energy switched into this yes please notice and flatter me as much as you can. After the pictures were taken, she was not longer worried about anything. She didn't even ask for his info to possibly get them. I thought for sure that she would.

    So here is the money shot of the story. As she walked away, she looked back at the guy and told him to keep those pictures because one day she was going to be famous. I was blown away by this. She said it like it was for certain and with absolutely no doubt at all in her voice. Many people smiled and a few people snickered and looked the other way. Lastly, I thought to myself, when she becomes famous, would she really be happy each and every day for anyone to take her picture? I loved her energy and I am so glad that I was there for that exchange. People are so limitless and so much larger than their fears!! Keep on pushing my good people.



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