Bar Raising

  This is a topic that follows me around daily. Not one day goes by that I am not thinking of raising the bar. The difficult part of this is that it finds it's way around many parts of my life. If it was just my food intake, or just my practice habits, or just my interactions with people, it would be just fine. However, it takes over my brain completely. I am sure that it comes from my childhood as I watched my adult examples always doing better and better in every way. Believe it or not, I remember the title of one book in particular when I was a child. It was always on the shelf and I never picked it up. It's called,"In Search Of Excellence." That stuck in my mind all my life. I have to thank my father for just having it on the shelf. I own this book now.

    I am going to do something that pushes me in the next 7 days. I already know what it is, but I will keep it quiet for now. When I am on the other side of it, I will blog about it immediately afterwards for sure. I have done this many times in the past, however, I have not done it consistently in quite a few years. It will expose me and strengthen me all at the same time. I will need the right mind set as well as the assurance to see the end game as well. Many people do this, however, a large majority of them never, ever, do it again after that. On the other hand, some people keep on doing it, and keep on doing it, and keep on doing it, even though nothing ever comes of it. This is all fascinating to say the very least.

    When I think of raising the bar, I think of not being satisfied, not being completely clear, and furthermore, not being balanced. It gets really deep when you are told to raise the bar by the voices in you head as well. Then you have to walk around with these irritating beings speaking to you in a constant nagging tone that just pierces your ears and then your soul immediately afterwards. Let's face it, nothing gets done in life until you are truly tired of being sick and tired. Of course, you could be just sick, or just tired, and still want it to stop too. You get my drift I am sure.

    If we strip this concept down to bare bones, raising the bar makes you reach higher. When you can reach the bar with no effort at all, you do not grow. Just ask a ballerina who's hamstrings were always to tight to put up on the bar without raising their other foot up a little bit. Now her leg hits her head whenever she wants it to in class. If the bar had never been raised by her teacher, she would not be currently dancing with The American Ballet Theater. That is how it works and the exceptions are few.

    So how do you raise your own bar? I say first with your words, and then with a pen and paper, and lastly putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward with side blinders on. If it were not important, you would not be thinking about it, or better yet obsessed with it. Mediocrity is cheap, easily accessible, and paid for quite meagerly. I am in a rare mood this evening. The truth of the matter is, I hit my head this morning. No for real, I hit my head this morning. I must retire now and pick this up again another time. Thank you for your presence here.



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