Are You Vulnerable?

   I was asked this question by a great friend in the middle of a conversation the other day. I had an answer right away. I told her that I was without a doubt. Then she told me to think about it and take my time before I answered the next time. She got my attention for sure. So before we go any further here, let's make sure that we all have a clear understanding of this word. The meaning that came up was, "susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm." As in, "we were in a vulnerable position."I did take a moment to let this filter through the second time.

    As I pondered this very frequently used word, I realized that I was very vulnerable at times and then not in others. You see when we feel like we may be about to be challenged or have to step up a bit, our vulnerability can sometimes vanish right beneath us. I began to review a few situations that have showed up in my life lately. This question now had my full attention.Would anyone want to be susceptible to any kind of attack or harm? The answer is unequivocally no. However, what if the thing that attacked you or caused you some pain also made you stronger the next time? This is where the magic is here.

    Somehow I relate this to relationships immediately. Those who are vulnerable, seem to have more experiences as it relates to the opposite sex or even the same sex I am sure. In other words, if you love hard and you get it in return, it's that much stronger. The obvious quagmire here though, is what happens if you are continually not loved in return? Most people will not be as vulnerable in the future, therefore, not being able to let in any greatness from another vibrant human being. So when does vulnerability end for most people? How many times can you be burned and still keep getting back up? Think about that.

    I believe that we are asked the right questions at the right times in our lives. So when my good friend asked me this, I was a bit stunned, yet open to researching my personal emotions to find out where I land on this topic. This word spans over many situations for sure. On the surface though, it's our vulnerability that makes us stronger and more resilient in the end. To know what you will and will not be open to is such a huge key to our survival. It's also true that those who are never vulnerable are probably living in their own mental prisons on some level. I say this because if you are not open to anything new, then all you will ever have is you. For some people, that will be just fine for the rest of their time here on earth. If that is what they choose, then who am I to judge it? I can only observe and learn to handle it my own way as well. Enjoy the weekend. Be safe, but have fun.



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