All About The Weather

   Years ago there was a song that said, "everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you." I never forgot that line. It was of course speaking of our attitudes and what happens when we interface with each other. Today was a day that Mother Nature took control and halted almost everything. The snowfall hit about 15 - 20 inches I believe. There were almost no cars all day on my street and it was glorious. I have nothing against cars or people for that matter. The interesting thing though, was watching those who just went with it. They got their children bundled up and took to the park with their sleds, boogie boards, skis, and anything else that could navigate the elements. There are always lessons inside of Mother Nature's doings.

     When people cannot drive, take the train, bus, or even walk swiftly, their energy is bound to shift. I watched it from my window, as well as being out in the park for all of one hour or so. It seems that the dogs were beyond happy!! They ran at top speed as if it were grass and not snow. They continued to look for squirrels and any thing that moved around them as well. I always make sure to pet them when I am close to them. I was able to do that twice today.

       Overall, today moved slow and was absolutely gorgeous. I did not miss the hustle and bustle and I was able to spend some time with a couple of exceptional human beings. We laughed and had fun, watched a movie, and ate some food. I took all that may have been slightly concerning me and put it on pause. We all need that at least a couple of times a week, don't you agree? It was very relaxing.

        This slow pace will last at least a few more days. The snow covered the cars almost completely. Those who had to do certain things, will probably not be doing them. Those who had special outdoor and even some indoor plans, will most likely have to reschedule. Thematic in all of this is that we get a go slower pass for a little bit. So just take it and ride it out, my fellow east coasters. You deserve it... Be well.


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