A Crazy Little Thing Called Care

   This post is a combination of things that involve care. This topic is thrown around all of the time and it doesn't get the credit that it deserves most times. When a person cares for another it can be the most delicate and important thing in this life at the same time. It does not take much at all to make an impression that is noticed as care at all. Then there are the people who don't care, could care less, and of course those who don't have a care in the world. That last one can be tricky. All in all though, we all care about something more than our very lives itself. I believe this with all of my soul. For some of us it's another person, or an animal, or even a home. It's true, care comes in all shapes and sizes.

    I was in the post office yesterday. I was standing in a very short line and I would make it to the front in about 2 minutes or less. A woman came in quite abruptly. She and I locked eyes for some reason and she asked me if the post office sold singular stamps. I told her to my knowledge, they do not. I sent her int he direction of the stationary store at the corner. She again told me that she just needed one to mail something quickly. At that moment, I realized that I had an extra one in my jacket. So I offered it to her and she asked if she could pay me. I told her not to worry about it. She thanked me for being so kind. It was too easy to make her happy. She left smiling and stuffing an envelope with some random piece of paper. It felt good to be there for her. I did not know her at all, however, we are now connected by a simple gesture.

     Tonight I watched the show, "Undercover Boss". If you are not familiar with this show, it exposes how people act at their jobs when they do not know that the CEO or biggest boss of the company is working right along side of them. It truly shows how much people care or not. I love this show. I have watched it all of 3 times and it gets me every time. It rewards those who go in with that extra thread of care to make the company sparkle. Each person has a story that propels them and they are all so real and compelling to me. I must say that I got a bit emotional watching it tonight. One guy was so positive and so driven and he was rewarded $40,000 for his daughter's education. Another man was given $100,000 for him and his son. Lastly, another man was given about $25,000 and a training position to get others on the right track through a new program. All were worthy, and all were floored beyond measure at this colossal gift of thanks. This is the kind of televising that I could watch all day. By the way, this was not about money, it was about care.

     This thing about care is real. It makes us stand taller, breath better, and show up for life with a whole new rhythmic flicker. When you care you glisten from the inside out and you cannot hide it unless you choose to be anonymous. This is actually proven to bring even greater rewards for the soul. If someone tells you that they care for you, it's not a thing that usually is faked. We all know that actions speak louder than words, so there will always be that. There will always be someone close to you that remembers a date as well. Not a date as in a man and a woman at a restaurant, but a date that something changed for them or lit them up. They care about it and if you are or were a part of it, that is also a way of showing that person that you care.

      In closing, I am not of the mind that people who care shut down from you. Distance and silence are utilized by people in many different ways. You will always feel those who you care for and that care for you close to your soul no matter where they are geographically. There are people that I have not seen in 15 or more years that still reach out to me today from all over the world. It is possible however, to love some people from a far and send them love and tenderness daily, weekly, or even yearly. I just believe that many times there are other things that are bottled up inside of us that block us from communication. How do you process it when you know how close you are with a certain person, yet they remain silent? My remedy is to keep your thoughts caring and leave the mental and emotional door open if it means that much to you. However, remember that only a select few should get this pass and its because of the way that they cared in the beginning. This may make sense to you or it may not. This is my take on care based on what I have experienced first hand.

      Keep on caring in your way. It saves lives and it opens souls. Onward.



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