10 Years Have Passed, No Change

   We all go through things with people in so many ways. There are connections that are so powerful, you cannot explain them. There are others that are short lived and very painful. There are those that just go silent after many years, and then there are those that remain unbreakable after over ten years with no incident at all. Many people would say that they wish that certain relationships would have never happened after getting bruised beyond measure. However, I can say with much conviction that I am grateful for every interaction that I have ever had. I would not change one for any reason. It is because of each one that I have the depth of character that I have today. I have had to pull from many directions just to stay afloat many times over.

    Today I reunited with a friend that I truly appreciate and love as a person. He has become a father of two and a husband since the last time that I saw him. I was privileged to meet his wife and his friend and his wife as well. They are all southern people, so hospitality, smiling, and true respect is like breathing for them. I am not really a fan of stereotypes, however, I am usually blown away by the warm nature of southerners. That has been my experience, so I stick to that statement.

    My good friend and I were in a Broadway musical together for about one year. He was a dancer and I, a singer/dancer. Touring is tough. It's not all lights, cool costumes, music, and travel. When you are with the same 25 or so people for almost a year, there are bound to be breakdowns of all sorts. On the up side, there are relationships that are formed and become stronger as well. This is the kind of bond that I built with this amazing guy. He asked me what were are some of the high points of the tour for me and I answered him. His had to do with a television show blunder on air and a few bizarre ego maniac cast members. What humbled me though, was that he told me that he always considered me as one of his few true friends on the tour. I remember telling him that we would always be great friends, and it has been so ever since. No resistance, artistic push back, ego, or any disagreements at all. We always supported each other and that was that. Seeing him was amazing and he and his wife looked so very happy and wildly healthy.

    My takeaway from this was that once again life pans out differently for everyone. However, no matter what happens, it's most important that you remain your most authentic self with people. In this way, those who truly matter on your journey will probably always stay connected to you. I will be going to visit my good friend in his hometown and once again seeing his parents who treated me like gold when last I saw them. Good people are the gems of this gigantic jewelry store that we call life. We all walk into the store and notice the pieces of life that sparkle the most to us. From time to time we may choose a piece that is a bit lackluster here and there too. That is perfectly fine, because many things that shine from the outside are hollow and lifeless on the inside.In the end it really winds up not being about the outer core though. More so than not, we have to crack things open either by mistake or on purpose to find out what we really want to stay close to. For sure we are all flawed, however, our ability to just be good people never goes away. It's not about our circumstances, it's about our choices. This was a deeply magical day. Carry on in bliss..



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