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Artist In Training

What a multi level experience it is to be an artist. Firstly, its not normal for us to be working harder on someone Else's dream when ours is following us like a shadow wherever we go. Secondly, there are no manuals to being a fruitful artist. Actually, there are some manuals, however, they are written from the perspective of the person who writes the manual. Therefore, there is no one size fits all. The rules of the game in the artists life change from day to day. The only thing that remains the same no matter what, is that we must always keep going in the direction of our passion.

    Today I was with an artist that I highly respect. She is a fireball that you cannot ignore. Her talent as a dancer, singer, actress, and even comedienne, is solid. I respect her not only for her talent, but for her strength and stamina to just stay afloat as a single mother with a son and a career. Today we were supposed to meet at 9:30am and she arrives at about 10:15 or so. I am usually very s…

Inspiration Elevated

Today has been a day of high octane inspiration. I had a very powerful call that lasted an hour with a sharp and engaging young man. I prepared a song for a talented woman that wants to audition for a show or a spot in some production. I then played guitar, researched some strange chord constructions on the guitar, and had a wonderful meal with two very special human beings that mean so very much to me. These are the days that send the mind into bliss over load.

    Have you ever spoken to one of your parents and instantly felt grateful for the part or parts of them that are now part of you? I mean you hear them talking and you tell yourself that you would have said that exact same thing, only a tad differently? They have influenced you in the right direction and now it's your life credo or method of navigating it all. That is powerful and I am just so very humbled by it.

     Then there is getting a call from someone who wants to pick your brain about a specific topic. Why di…

The Words That Cause Us To Glisten Inside

In my circle of friends, there are a few people that say things from time to time that completely soothe me. I have a particularly sweet duo of close friends that are in a relationship that is truly beautiful. I was with them today and they filled me with love as they always do. They have a certain balance that is wonderful to be in the midst of each and every time. I met them at a restaurant many years ago and we have been close ever since. We are currently involved in a business venture together and they are so comfortable to be around that it is beyond pleasurable. We connect on a level that is hard to truly explain.

    We spoke today about some things that were extremely interesting. I enjoy the moments in life when key people offer you a short history lesson that you needed to hear, or possibly even turn you on to a new piece of music that makes them happy. I received a disc from them that they told me I must listen to as well. It has to do with higher consciousness of the m…

When People Come Together / Hello

I am no stranger to events. I have been fortunate to be at some of the most incredible events over the past 10 years or more. It's exciting to say the very least. There have been birthday parties, corporate events, showers, company parties, celebrity events, and so many more categories to name. I watch people very carefully at these events and there is a sort of magic in the everyone being there together. It's how they dress and how they speak and of course the reason why they are there that keeps me entertained. Most people probably think that musicians are bored of the people and the whole shebang, but not me. I can tell you something interesting that happened at almost every party that I have ever been to. Most of the time I am performing at the party. It's just the people that are so interesting.

   There are usually people interacting with people that they would normally not care to speak to in the office and so forth. However, the free alcohol usually takes care o…