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Insider Female Information

I could probably write an entire blog on women. I am not in any way claiming to be an expert on them at all however. They are complex and unpredictable and they have their own code for living. As a male I respect this and I study it diligently and often. As a man, to continue to see the details and to just be quiet and listen at times has served me well. There are some things that I wish I had just a bit of a warning before they took place, but hey, females would never give it all up at once to just be out there and exposed right? Of course they wouldn't. They love to keep us guessing.

  This posting is inspired by what I hear women saying when they are just speaking naturally and free. I was on the train today and two women were speaking about men. One was describing how a man had complimented her today and how he was so nice to just tell her that she was beautiful and then just leave the train wanting nothing else. I loved hearing this, partially, because I have done this in …

Just So You Know My Good Friend

You can call me when you are happy or sad.
    Our relationship has nothing to do with Facebook.
        When I do not hear from you, I notice more than you know.
           If we make plans and you cancel them, it matters to me.
              We are all busy in one way or another.
                  Social media has made us quite unsocial right now. 
                     I can tell when you are not fully engaged during a call.
                        If you ever need to talk really late at night, try and call me.
                           If you say that you will call, I do notice when you don't.
                              Don't let any circumstances dictate your inner beliefs.
                                When you say that you want to get together, make it happen.
                                   The past has nothing to do with right now.
                                      Just 5 Facebook posts could be 10 minutes of talk.
                                         We are tradi…

The Progress Report

This is without a doubt a big topic. When I refer to a progress report, I mean our own. I believe that there are things around us that let us know how far we have come on our journey. As an artist, I have many times that are literally imprinted in my brain that have made me feel closer to my ultimate goal. Those moments when you look at yourself and say, "Am I really here right now with such and such?" How did I get here and what does this mean? I usually pull my own coat though and remind myself that it's just a step on the journey and not to take it too seriously. We can make too much meaning out of certain things and it distracts us.

   In the entertainment industry, there are different levels of success if you ask certain people. Some musicians play small and intimate clubs. Some play in huge stadium where they cannot even see all of the people. While others have no interest in people actually liking or connecting with their music. They just do it because it feels…

Natchie / Move With Purpose

Over the weekend I met a gift of an artist as I was meandering through Brooklyn with a very kind, dear, talented, and spirited fellow artist. Every now and then you come into contact with an artist that seems to embody what it is to be an artist. By this I mean that the true artist just keeps stretching the boundaries and squeezing every nook and cranny out of their artistic journey. As I listened to her story of how she came to have this amazing store in Brooklyn, I was immediately impressed and humbled all at the same time. Her story was quite simple. She wanted to come to NYC from her native Sydney, Australia, to pursue her dream of becoming a jazz singer. To date has already sung with some very heavy and top level singers, such as Sting, Billy Joel, and James Taylor to name a few. I would say that she has had quite a career so far on this very competitive island.

   What truly gave me pause, was that in 2012 Miss Nadia Ackerman, also known as "Natchie", decided that s…