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Craving A Certain Attention

Let's just jump right into this. We spoke and we discussed many topics. I mostly listened, because I felt my attentiveness would serve him well. Many emotions gushed out without warning and I made note of the ones that I wanted to delve into from my perspective. I felt the pain and the anguish that was still fresh and wildly evident. I could not put myself in his position because he was in a place that I have never been. There was a shift that had taken place in the time that we had not spoken and it concerned me. The thing was, I felt as though I had no suitable words to console him at first. Then out of nowhere, he confided in me and told me that he was craving a certain attention and that is why he did it. What he did to receive a certain attention was not successful, not even a little bit. He told me that it never did the trick in the past and probably never will in the future. This is only one isolated situation. That being said, there is still a lesson in it.

    I though…

The Beautiful People

To be transparent upfront, I was milliseconds from calling this posting "The Beautiful Ones". Then I thought of the Prince song that has that exact title. I was careful to avoid that soft collision. Anyhow, I wanted to delve into a topic that is widely spoken about at least daily. It's magic to me purely because of it's many layers. When someone is beautiful, the pressure and the attention is seemingly unbearable no matter what. I am speaking of the Haley Berry, to the Denzel Washingtons. They are looked at as almost invincible at times. How could they have issues looking that good right? Of course you know I am not serious. They are human just like you and I.

   I am writing this about those that I know that are beautiful. Not to expose them, but to compliment them covertly. For clarity, I feel that all of my friends are beautiful, just in different ways. I have a friend that is very attractive, yet she does not see it. I have another friend that has enough inner…

Segueing To The Next Frame

I love to blog about my high level conversations with others. Today I had one with a very intelligent person who was describing how they were letting go of the things that do not serve them as well as seeing human beings around them so much clearer. Being more aware of those who are truly there for them and those who may just be hovering. It seems that many of my conversations of late are about people not doing what they are truly meant to do. I mean how many people do you know that are happy to go to their place of business every day and feel like they are making a difference? It is not a high percentage for sure. As I have said before in at least two posts, we are generally not civilized that way. To actually do what you love and get paid for it is still a pipe dream for most people. Personally, I cannot see it any other way. Those miles less fortunate than me are successfully doing it.

   As the discussion went further, there was talk of drinking and debauchery that had taken pl…