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Electronic Friendship Management / Space

So here it is. We undoubtedly live in a social media bubble. There are more ways to let the world know what you are doing and who you are doing it with than there ever was in any of the years gone by. There are ways to post things anonymously as well, however, if you do it that way, then you are able to hide. Well, that is not all the way true, but I'll leave that alone. Anyhow, within the walls of these social media navigators, somehow the notion that friendship is a component of it as well. People want you to like their posts and then friend them as well. They also want you to respond quickly and share their posts with others. Lastly, they seem to think that the amount of people that do all of these things will increase their importance on these social media outlets. I am sure that you feel where I may be going with all of this. I will be very clear with my direction, I promise.

    Recently, I chose to delete a person from my database of people. This person is a person that…