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When We Connect / Free

Over the past few days I have had some deep and very real connections with some people that mean so very much to me. I make it a habit to always have these connections because they make me glow from the inside out. A great friend and exceptional artist asked me to link arms with her and take care of her place while she is going out of the country with her amazing partner for possibly a year. She began the exchange with the words, "I have called upon you because I genuinely trust you." This in itself gave me pause and I was truly moved. When another human trusts you, it sets the bar even higher in my book.

   This woman is an artist that I am beyond humbled by in so many ways. Before I arrived at her home, I had an idea in my head as to how it would look as the door opened. I am happy to say that I was 90% right on the money. There were very healthy looking plants, a very satisfying scent that permeated the entire place, and handmade jewelry, scarves, quilts, and of course…

Support. Public Validation. Gratuity.

I am back from a well deserved time out. Nothing is wrong or imbalanced, I just followed my gut. It's funny how we can label things as wrong or not good or even bad without any solid facts to say that it is so. As much as I love to write this blog and expose insights and so forth, I silenced my typing/electronic voice for a little bit and now I am back. My channel "The Greye Zone", will also be released very shortly. I am committed to it being up and running before 2016.

  The word "support" has been following me around like a young boy to a puppy in the park. The people around me have been showing me such high levels of support in so many ways. I in turn, have been showing it back to others in a sort of pay it forward fashion. Truth be told, I love to support others in any way that I can. I was raised with this mentality and I have seen its magnificent returns in more ways than one. The best part about it is that I am not doing it for the returns. It's …