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Who Makes The Call?

Have you ever made plans to call someone and either side did not call the other? Let me break it down clearly. Person "A" tells person "B" that he or she will call the other person before 12 lets say. This time comes and goes and then when the callee asks the caller what they did not call, they reply by saying that they thought that you were busy or that you were perfectly able to call too. Now just to be crystal clear, I have been on both sides of this equation. Things happen and we all get distracted and forget to call people and so on and so forth. So in your mind, who is responsible for making the call? This is a subject that is up for debate in many ways. I am just putting it out there.

   Now what about the people that you call that never pickup your call? Have you ever been out with them and they are always on their phone? Sit with that one for a moment. Wait for it, wait for it...I'll leave you be while that settles.

   In closing, I wrote this short…

Priority / Newborn Bliss / The Example

The past few weeks have not disappointed. I could not possible catch you up without you being on this page for at least 3 hours, so I will just give you the highlights. Well, I will give you some of them. Actually, I will just allow you to read some of my insights of late. I took the long way to get that out, I know. Let me just say that I am blessed, I am excited for so many reasons, and I am full of so much inspiration right now.

   Firstly, I wanted to write about priority. We see this word so much that it can be very unsettling at times. So what does it really mean to you? There is priority seating, mailing, purchasing, and so many others. This topic came up for me as I listened to the many different types of pre boarding there were as I waited to board a flight over the weekend. I started to think about how important priority is to some and how completely meaningless it is to others. Can we all get priority privileges? I am going to say that it depends. Will you pay for prior…