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A Not So Ordinary Morning Starting At 9am

This morning I was summoned to do for a living. The call time was very early. It was not an hour that any red blooded musician that I know would have willingly agreed to show up for unless there was a great reason to for sure. On this day, with so many things happening around me to distract me from staying calm and cool, I made the best of it and was so humbled to be one of the chosen few to record this session. The studio was filled with people that I respected and adored for sure. This is not an everyday occurrence.

   For anyone that is reading this that has never recorded a song in a professional studio, its very humbling to say the very least. The process involves amplifying your voice so that you can hear each and every morsel of it, and then you record it. Its maximum exposure and it can be very nerve-racking. Anything that we can see or experience up close and in great detail is sure to give us pause, be it good or bad. Then to top it off, there were 5 different vocalists. …

Keep Claiming It

It's funny how we come into contact with people who are so comfortable with the norm. Their norm is usually not our norm, so there is a tendency to clash. However, why is it that we feel some sort of pull when we are claiming what we deserve? I am speaking of this times when people expect you to go with the crowd and you go left or right? If you are doing anything of value, who decides the value of it? There are many jobs in this life that pay an hourly wage. Can you guess why they pay an hourly wage? The short answer is that just about anyone with a pulse can carry it out. This does not shed any negative light on them, it's just that they cannot ask for a penny more and be taken seriously.

   Now to the other side of the coin. X person is great at what they do and it shows in every way. People call to receive advice from them. They set a standard that they work hard to keep up. They set themselves apart form the rest. If this particular person practices what they preach, t…

Lessons.Blessings.Lessons.Downfalls. Forward Propulsion.

So nice to be back on this page. I am swimming through a sea of happenings, new beginnings, and most of all some lessons. Let me rephrase that, some seriously deep and soul shifting lessons. I can tell you with conviction that I am listening to them and taking copious notes both internally and externally. I am now convinced that most of the time when I don't write, it's because I am just a little afraid of my truths. I am working on that. Life is a whirlwind of information. We only need to grab a certain amount of it to become the powerhouses that we aspire to be. The rest of it should be discarded because it could potentially guide you in the wrong direction. We have all been there.

   I wanted to share a story with all of you that happened about a week ago that was so soothing and heart opening. I was sitting at an indoor eatery with a young man that I had only known for 3 days tops. He was a friend of a friend that told him to contact me once he arrived in the big town.…