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A New Direction / The Greye Zone

Today marks the beginning of a new direction for my baby brand. This blog will continue for quite some time for sure. However, I am adding a feather to my cap.  Today I filmed the first video of many videos  to come. I will be hosting a show entitled, "The Greye Zone". This will start out first on You Tube and then we will see where it goes from there. I will interview interesting people who inspire, push out to the edges, and do things that the every day person does not.  My goal is to allow inspiration to flow in every direction possible. The people on my show will be from all walks of life and of all ages. I will sit next to them and let them tell their stories as well as continue on my quest to always be the student.

   I interviewed a young man today that I will reveal in the next few days to a week. The editing is taking place as we speak. This young man inspired me five years ago and I am humbled to see where he is today. You will see the interview for yourself and…

10 Things I've Pondered Today That May Move You

Why don't people who say that a certain race or nationality is bad work to understand that race or nationality better?

I have a magnet in my fridge, that says if you don't have enough time, stop watching tv. I don't watch too much TV at all, yet I can't get that statement out of my mind.

Wouldn't it be incredible if even 25% of the population stopped smoking? When last I checked, 30,000 non smokers dies every year from second hand smoke.

If love is blind, what does love look like that sees?

Imagine how the world would take a gigantic shift if every millionaire gave $100,000 to a fund that would teach people to make shifts in their attitudes and their choices. Would it create balance or mayhem?

If you knew that someone in your close circle of friends was thinking of taking their life, how would you approach them and what would you say?

If Obama was a white man, would his presidency have been smoother or would it have …