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The Power Of Together

Many things seem as though they were created by one person. Other things seem like they were created by a group so large that it is mind boggling. The truth of the matter is that almost nothing can be done alone. As I helped out a friend today that will be away for quite some time, I had a moment to myself that made me happy to be a part of this particular process. I went to a home to make sure that a company came to clean their place. Then I checked some keys to make sure that they were operational and set to go as well as made sure that there were linens for the new guests. Then i had to make sure to place keys in a place so that the new people could come in. Then later another person will let them into the main gates so that they can find the keys that I left for them. It was a brilliant group effort.

   There are things that I plan to do in this life that I have not accomplished as of yet. One of the reasons for this is that I have not found the right partner to do them with yet…

Excuse Me, I Am Right Here

Today I was in a store. I wanted to get a small gift for a good friend. I had been in this store a few times in the past and I like the simplicity of it. There are gems in it for sure. It's an Indian store with fabrics and jewelry and so many interesting things. I entered the store and there was another woman there already. She was quiet and browsing. I was not greeted at first, then the women who worked in the store asked me if I needed any help. I told her what I was looking for and she showed me a few things. However, something was wrong and I could not put my finger on it.

   A few moments later, she went on a rant and I thought she was talking to someone else. I looked up and she was talking to a person on the phone with her headset on. The other woman had left the store and it was only her and I there for the time being. Her conversation was not pleasant at all. She was telling someone on the other line that she was not mad at them, but she was very disappointed to say th…

Assuming Our Own Story

I had some thoughts today about people in my life that just vanished from my scope. I spoke to them quite frequently, and most of our conversations were very fluid and positive. However, just like that, they are not longer available for conversation or email. Now this is definitely a story that has appeared in my head of probably a myriad of reasons. We all nostalgic from time to time no matter who we are. So what does it translate to in real time? This is the question that haunts me.

   We should all know that we are certainly not all knowing. There are things that are happening all around us that we have no clue about. People are walking around very hurt about things as well as overjoyed and in great spirits, yet silent about it. So what happens when a person that you have been connected to for a long time just vanishes? Quite frankly, I believe that it's almost always not our doing. The problem with this statement though, is that we still somehow lose touch with that energy …

Mind Over Money

I have encountered some very thought provoking conversations of late around money. People truly expose themselves as it relates to this sensitive topic. In all honestly, I do not remember having a strong relationship top money as a child. All I remember is that when I had it, it meant that i could do nice things for myself. This things were maybe to play some video games, buy some candy, or get a new piece of music. At times it gave me the ability to go to the movies, or go rollerskating, or maybe even buy a comic book. It never governed how I saw other people.

   Just to give credit where it is due, I am sure that my parents showed me this example. So now that I am an adult, the volume has been turned up on this conversation. There are shows on TV that speak specifically about what people make and what they do with it. There are articles written on the people who are making the most in the entire world, as well as those who actually "have" more than any one else as well.…

The Bliss Inside Of The Passion

I have gone over this before, however, it never gets old to repeat it. When I am on stage something happens that I cannot explain. There are always people that get lost in the songs, in the band, and in the energy of the moment. It baffles me that no matter where I go, this feeling follows me. It's the feeling of release. It's the feeling of propulsion. It's an emotion that never stops giving. To see people dancing and singing and letting go of whatever is bothering them is very addicting. It's very similar to watching a child eat ice cream or maybe even a small dog rolling around in a dog park without a care in the world. It is truly up lifting and colossal.

    This was a party that came as a result of another party that I had done years ago. A good friend of mine asked me to come and lead the band. I was humbled that he recognized my abilities, so I told him that I would be there for sure. As we spoke about how much it would cost him to hire me, I gave him a num…