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Repeat After Me,"I Can't Make It."

I have touched on this topic before and it comes up all of the time for me no matter what I do. I met up with a friend that I have not seen since maybe 1990. She and I were in high school together and her energy was always solid. A sweet person. An intense person. A woman who looked you straight in the eyes and told you what she felt. Even back then, I knew she had a deep soul and a rich heart. I never forgot her and I always knew that she would reappear or I would find her. I did find her and I am so happy that I did. She is married and has two children and she is so focused on what she is doing right now. My good friend came to NY to complete the first part of a course on self compassion of all things. If that is not beautiful, then I do not know what is. It moved me.

  The first day that she arrived, I missed her. The flight she was scheduled to come in on got delayed and I was at the airport alone. The second time we made an attempt to meet, she needed to wind down easy after h…

The Happiness In Their Voice

We all know that there are so many reasons to be happy. Its also true that we choose which one of those reasons to highlight at any time of the day. The emotions that we expose are just as obvious on the phone as they are live when it comes to us being happy. We are happy to see a certain person's name on our phone. Happy to see that a certain person came to support us. Happy that a certain person called us back when they said that they would. We are also happy when we know that we are not forgotten. But by enlarge, there is a special feeling when you hear the happiness in some one's voice.

    Today I was on a call with a person that let me hear the happiness in their voice. They were not in this country and they were staying in a home that made them feel as thought they were in paradise. It was the way tat they described the views and the service and the tranquility, that made me smile as well from the inside out. I got a little high from hearing their excitement and I wa…

Connectivity Is Unavoidable

We are all connected to almost everyone around us. Someone that we know is connected to someone that we know many times over. Today was an amazing example of this. I help a few people take care of their amazing apartments. They do not live here full time, so I make sure that their renters get in and out with no incidents and I also help them if they encounter any problems during their visits. I love to serve them and it feels good to know that I can solve any of their problems should any arise. The guests are mostly so appreciative and happy that I am there for them as well. I say mostly, because there are always a few thorns that need special attention. However, such is life. We all have to deal with it.

   So I got call today that I had to go to one of the places quickly to let in some people in and I made it happen. It was a pleasant day and I had a wonderful walk over to the place. I made sure that it was all up to par and then I called the guest and let them know that they co…