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Free, Open, Or Available? / Indispensable

Now these words can be delved into for days. My purpose in this particular posting is to highlight why and how people need us or prefer us to be a part of any movement, games, workforce, or gathering. If we are part of an organized sport, people may crave our athletic ability. If we are one of the cogs in the wheel of a corporate giant, we may have a certain skill set that makes their business flow. If we are present each and every day that they need us, we are usually rewarded on a monetary level. If we are not available, then we may possibly become marginalized in the very near future. In other words, not looked upon as a vital piece in the master machine.

    Then there seems to be another group of people who are far too open and available, simply because they can only gel with a select few situations. These individuals are quite common in most any field. In my opinion, they seem to speak quite rigidly of those in their field while constantly letting you know how they have been …

Shifty Ways Of They

This post is dedicated to those who push us out of our comfort zones. To those people who test our resilience, our resolve, and most of all our restraint. For without them we would never know what it was to be pushed to the edge or a bit tongue tied at times. Without them we would not know how to bring out our inner soldier.

   You can spend your entire life learning how to be accountable, altruistic, and amicable with others. Yet and still, you will encounter that person, or persons, that will somehow tempt you to that side of you that is not so malleable. So in this instance, what do you do? Is it wrong to speak your mind and rage against the machine? Or do you show them your hidden dragon and crouching tiger? Maybe it's just best to shower them with your Dali Lama gifts? One never knows until the moment when you have to step up and perform. This is the interesting thing about life. Would you not agree?

    These people most often have been ridiculed against and slandered. Th…

Work And Then Play?

So I have this internal conversation with myself about too much work and not enough play. There are some prime examples of this around me and I watch and listen very carefully as I take in this information almost every day. If you have a job that pays you good money that you love and you don't want to ever quit, you are in the small percentile. If you have a job that pays average and you are semi comfortable, you are in the generally in the general to mid area most likely. However, if you do not like your job and you are just doing it because you need to survive and stay afloat, it seems that you are in the majority. This is what I hear about the most. Screams of quiet desperation.

   I know people who do not have to work because their spouses are well to do and I know people who work until they are just spent to death. The common denominator, is that we all have to release the valve at some point. Just to go somewhere with a person that we like or love. To sit with a good frie…

Dissecting Comedy

I am sure that we could not get too far in this life without comedy. It gives us the ability to breathe easier, to release the valve, to give us pause from what may be ailing us. The other side of the coin, is that most comedians are a bit dark in their personal lives. So the question becomes,"Are they really happy or not?"

  This topic comes up because I listen to a podcast today with a female comedienne, that really had some awesome points to touch on. She at one point said that comedians go into this craft because they realize that its much easier to have people laugh with you than at you. There was also another comment that made me think. She said that a joke has to be funnier than it is mean. That made a lot of sense as well. I have heard comedians go too far, or so it seemed in certain situations. They through a person way under the bus and you could feel it. Then again, it's all about what affects you. Every human being is different.

   I also think that when pe…

Making A Vow With Time

I mentioned that I was reading a book recently entitled,"The Year Of Living Virtuously, Weekends Off. " This book is making me think about so much all at once. Today I arrived at a chapter that got my attention in a different way. It was about staying still, time, and silence. The chapters of this book are very short in comparison to books that are written in this vein. However, they are powerful and very thought provoking. You may click on the image above to order it yourself if you feel so inclined.

   There was a part of the chapter right at the end that just made me readjust my brain. I have copied it below for you to read. This block of words actually comes from another book entitled,"Crossing The Unknown Sea:Work As A Pilgrimage Of Identity."This book was written by David Whyte. Leave it to me to write a passage in my blog that I read in a book, that actually comes from another book. You can't make this stuff up. Here is the passage:

When we make a goo…