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Imagining The Other Side Of Us

So we all have our own lives correct? The things that we do and the choices that we have made have placed us exactly where we are today. That cannot be refuted. However, have you ever stopped to think about what happened in another person's life? What I mean is, actually listening to someone tell  you about how they got to where they are. This has been a theme that has somehow gotten into me really deep recently. I generally am a good listener, however, I am committing to doing much better as of right now. It's really important to me, as it always has been. I just want to do even better than ever before.

   I have heard so many side conversations that have been laced with struggle and a feeling that certain people cannot get ahead no matter what they do. I disagree with this in a big way. It only takes a few people to listen and probably only just one to make you feel that you are here for a reason. Circumstances surround us all and that will never change either. The grass …

Stepping Up

Have you ever been told to step it up? You know that moment when you feel that statement pop out at you from someone that has the confidence to say it to you? This statement is the kind of statement that makes you feel that you have fallen short in a way. Yet, it also lets you know that someone outside of yourself sees you and your potential. The mind is such a dangerous thing for so many reasons. It lets you know when you are not producing the way that you should, however, it also lets you speak to yourself in a speech that will not produce anything worthy of praise or pride.

  There will always be people that believe in you more than you believe in yourself. They will always be around and most times these are the people who you should keep around you. The ones that have too many sensitive parts that need to be massaged and uplifted on a consistent basis will not make the cut. This is not a judgement, it's a fact. The stepping up has to do with many things that will affect us …

A Great Day (In Shorthand)

Taught a vocal lesson from 8 to 9 am.
Purged some items that I wasn't using.
Silently sent love to  two people that I know need it right now.
Made fresh juice.
Spoke to a dear friend for an hour uninterrupted.
Reached out to a lost friend that reached back to me, but I missed the call.
Played some guitar.
Read 3 great chapters of a book called ,"The Year Of Living Virtuously".
Rode several miles on my bike with a helmet on.
Bravely asked a question to a dear friend that I was afraid to ask. I did it anyway.
Imagined myself once again playing Madison Square Garden.
Began to teach a young boy of almost 9 how to ride a bicycle.
Received the debut CD from one of my favorite female singers in NYC!!
Wore a pair of shoes that I love for the second time in a row. I've only had them 3 days.
Let a family of 3 from Tel Aviv into an apartment.
Received an email complimenting me on a great job from a fellow musician.
Listen to an amazing podcast about a man who made over 500 mil…

Solving The Issue / Insights From Champions

I love to be of service in general. This love is inbred in my for sure. I see it in each and every one of my family members in one way or another. It a great thing then that I get to do it on the regular. I troubleshoot issues when guests have questions in the apartments that I host. A woman called me and told me that she and her husband will not be staying in the apartment that I had let them into a day earlier. They are pleasant people, so I did what I could to accommodate them. The problem was that at first, I did not see her concerns as concerns that would make you want to leave a place that you were only booked to stay in for 3 days. I took a deep breath and asked he what I could do to make her and her husband happier. She let me know that it was not me, it was the place.

  Later on in the afternoon, I received a text. It said that they were going to stay and that they would appreciate it if I could replace the ac unit. I knew that I had to make things right with them. I arriv…

Affordable / Women Looking At Each Others Shoes

What is affordable? If it's affordable to you, is it affordable to me? How come people are constantly speaking about the affordability of things in life? I have come to believe that our lives are shaped by what we think is affordable or not on so many levels. Like for example, if you could go on a vacation that took you on the other side of the planet for an entire month, would you at least look at the prices and possibilities? Most people would be absolutely sure that they could not afford it. Then there are the places that seem to appeal to everyone, like Ikea. This is a store that has so many functional items and so many things that appeal to the senses and the pocket. I have not met one person that feels that Ikea is expensive. I guess Ikea hit it on the head then. But all in all, affordability is relative. If you can afford it, then you are in your comfort zone. If you cannot afford it, then does that make you want to do what you have to be able to afford it or not?

    I …

25 Miles On Two Wheels

This post celebrates a milestone in my life. I love sports and I love to be active and physical. I believe that it is in my blood. I have been involved in any different types of sports my entire life in one way or another. I am not afraid to try something new or to push myself to the next level. Today was no different and it was humbling yet extremely invigorating. I biked for 25 miles with two rests that totaled 10 minutes or so.

   My journey today was full of insights and aha moments for sure. There was so much going on in my head that I could not capture it all. Imagine riding on a bike through one of the most beautiful neighborhoods that you have ever seen. The homes were large and the landscapes were beyond beautiful. The roadways around them were just magnificent. I thought about what the people did to live their lives at this level. There were even two Ferraris that passed by during the trip. Materialistic things are not the end all be all in this life. They are certainly …