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Mouth To Ears At The Speed Of Light

We all know that word of mouth is one of the most powerful vehicles in human existence. If something  happens that is less than favorable, it goes viral almost immediately. It's true that it's a small world after all and we are all connected in so many ways. This is all well and good and we all have to accept it at some pint. However, when the news travels that someone you care about is in trouble or is spinning out of control, it leaves a mark in you.

   Make no mistake about it, whatever we do in life is seen or heard by someone. In this case, what was seen was not favorable and I heard about it from three parties that witnessed it. The subject in this little quagmire is someone that I respect and enjoy immensely. I won't go into detail as to what happened for reasons of privacy and respect to the subject.

   My point in writing this posting is to remind everyone that is reading this that all of our actions do matter. It's one thing to affect one person, however, …

The Elusive Typo

So we can all agree that from time to time, we spell a word or two wrong. Of cursive you are on your phone and the right setting is in place, you are safe. However, when we speak of the printed book, you would think that there would be more than one person checking for grammatical errors or typos, wouldn't  you?

  I was in one of my favorite places today just getting a small bite to eat. I decided to take one of the books off of the shelf and read it a little bit while I waited for my food. I won't say the name of the book because I am already showing a page from it. My intention is not to drag the book through the mud, its just to remind everyone that we are all human and we will make mistakes.

  So here is the page that I am referring to. Read this passage and tel me if you can see the typo.

    My feeling is that whomever checked this book for typos just missed it plain and simple. I have written quite a few typos since I have started this blog myself. The thing is, when …

Pick A Subject And Price. Get A Poem

In NYC you can find yourself face to face with so many things at a moments notice. I have seen so much at this point, that nothing really is hard to believe or shocking most times. But what I do constantly get memorized or taken by, is the artist that takes his or her talent, passion, or specialty directly to the people in the most minimalistic way. Enter Lynn. Let me describe this guy in the best way possible. He is cool and calm and full of real energy. When I looked at him and spoke to him for the first time, I felt his authenticity. His afro was tall and his gaze was deep. He manufactured his words with a dictionary at hand and he did not hide it. I also loved this thing that he did. While he thought and chose words carefully to enter into his typewriter, he snapped his fingers in intermittent quarter notes.

    As you can see from the picture above, he needed nothing but this sign to reel people in. There was no need for a bullhorn or any fancy sales pitch at all. Lynn only n…

Transcending Sports / S From 0

I was reading an article today that was explaining the courage award that is given out each year at the ESPYS. It's an award that is given to one person who has done something that transcends sports in the current year. I love this concept because its always spectacular when any one person goes above and beyond to do more or to create a new conversation for others. This year is was given to Caitlyn Jenner. Just the fact that she was recognized and given a platform to speak and to be heard was a big deal for so many reasons. I have never been transgender, so I do not know what the pressure must be like. But can you imagine beginning a new life as the opposite sex and doing it in front of the world? That is courage for sure.

   Now we have to be real and realize that there are also many people who have an issue with this reward and this big movement in the transgender community. This people are free to think and to say what they feel no matter what. However, at the end of the day…

Creating Your Own

I have been living the life of a multifunctional artist for about 20 years. To say that it has been challenging would be an immense understatement. I have been up and way down. I have failed and succeeded greatly. I have learned lessons that did not come easy. Then on top of all of that, I have never been right about where I thought that I would be at any age so far. That is all well and good and none of it can be changed. However, the thing that has made me feel like gold a million times over, is the power to create my own thing. It doesn't matter if it s a song, or a meal or even building my own bed, it feels amazing each and every time.

   We live in a time that allows you to get information on anything that exists in this life. If you can type in a topic online, you can figure out just about anything that exists because of it. Now how is that helpful to most people? You would be surprised to know that it does;t matter to many people. They are stuck in an analog mindset. If …

Applied Pressure vs. Pressure Applied

I am back on target. It still baffles me why I get in a rut and don't write at times. Actually, to be completely honest and open, I believe that I stop writing when certain realities become a bit too much to process. In other words, life overload and intense introspection running in tandem like 2 horses running in circles across the open terrain. It's complicated.

   I am moved to write about applied pressure and its counter part today. As I have seen myself on both sides of the fence over the last 5 month or so. Just a few days ago, I cut the middle of my hand. It was my right hand to be exact, and it sent a sting through my entire body that got my attention right away. I was sweeping and the top of the broom had a sharp piece of metal or steel that was circular. I moved my hand over it and a piece of skin lifted up right away. My first thought was to apply pressure. Now it was bleeding in a very consistent fashion and I tended to it right away. The blood from the hand exi…