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The People We Trust And The Trigger

I have rotated quite a few times around on this incredible planet and I love to be around those that I can trust unequivocally. Trust is a strange thing at times, because it truly does not lie or hide. When you trust someone for real, you just know it. I have a friend that told me that you can trust someone if you can leave your baby with them. I got a kick out of that. He is still one of my favorite people on this planet. I would be there in a millisecond if he needed me. That is the truth for sure.

  Now if for some reason you do not trust someone, that is quite clear as well. You speak differently around them. You speak less most times. You have a different body language. You have a certain set of invisible defenses up. Now what if you think that you are trusted by a certain person, yet they send signals to you that such is not the case? Then what do you do? Do you back away or do you just sit with it and let it pass? I say that trust must be earned in careful increments. It can…

Love Wins Again And Again

So now its legal for any gay couple from either side of the fence to be together in any state across the country. This is a victory for all of those people who felt that they were held back prior to this decision. People being together should be something that we don't spend this time on in my book. I feel that we are uniquely different in far too many ways. I am very happy that more people are more at ease in this life at this present time. It makes for more openness and clarity in the world. There is now yet another reason for human beings to be happy. I love it.

   I am curious about how this new decision will affect the rate of divorce as well. I did some research recently and found out some interesting tidbits about marriage right now. It said that roughly 70% of marriages that began in the 90's reached their 15th season. That was such a great statistic to read. Also, that the median age that people are marrying is actually getting higher. So if you are more mature whe…