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In Your Head

I have been in my head for about a week now. I can openly admit it. This is when you are thinking about the things that you are thinking about more than looking around you and exchanging information as well as deciding to change certain things by simply making a decision. There is fear involved in staying in your head as well. I am happy to report that I have not been fearful this week enough to call any attention to it. I just know that the plans and the changes that are on the horizon for me are astronomical. I feel them creeping up on me like an alligator in the dark right off of the water's edge. I have no idea where that last sentence came from.

  If we all stayed in our head all of the time, we would surely be in for a rude awakening in many ways. Imagine not seeking answers to your questions or not making any strides to make things around you any better? I had a brief conversation today with fellow musician and we spoke of how this industry wants us to see ourselves as ju…