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Doppelgänger / ONE LOVE BUS

I had things to do yesterday and I did them. However, I was distracted and quite amazed by this intense energy that I encountered. He and I both had dreads. He was an artist in several ways. I engaged with him after seeing the bus that is in the picture above. It's called "The One Love Bus". The inside was custom done and it was truly magnificent. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and he exuded the purest energy that anyone could ever hope for. We spoke and he answered my questions about this magnificent vehicle. The conversation went in so many directions. This guy was just the biggest spirit that I have met in a very long time. Let me rephrase that, he was a unique spirit. There are no competitions with spirits. They are all unique and interesting.

   I titled this posting what I did because I see this man as how I see myself out in the world. I believe that we all see ourselves in particular light. I see so much in this guy that I see in my self that it shocked …

Taking Note Without Comparing

I am in the entertainment business. I have been for about 20 years or so. This business is one filled with glitz and glamour as well as ego and non-authenticity. The people I meet are from no specific background or race or geographic area. They all have different talents, limits, fears, and even comfort zones. One of the biggest challenges that I find no matter where I go is to just stay focused on my journey and not let others sway me in another direction. In short, there is no need to compare yourself and your journey with any other performer or artist at any time no matter what.

   There is not one person on this earth that has had the exact combination of life experiences that I have had to date. As I look back at my magnificent journey through this amazing tunnel of magic, I can recall many roadblocks as well as many moments that I will forever replay in my mind that gave me wings to fly. There were moments when I doubted my forward motion silently inside. There were moments w…

Directing Emotion

I once heard someone say that you can decide how you want to feel in every moment of your life. I am not sure where I was in that very moment and I do not remember who said that. However, now that I am a little more mature, I get it. We get angry, because we allow ourselves to do so. Sometimes that can be useful for certain people. Why, you may ask? Well, for some us, it teaches us that we don't want to revisit that emotion anymore. While for others, it becomes their go to way of being because they are certain that it defines them and lets others know who they are. Well, if I get to know you as a complainer, a gossiper, a person with hate and disdain, or a blamer, I cannot say that I will be planning on being in your space too consistently. I think you hear where I am coming from quite clearly.

   A couple of days ago, I decided to claim my attitude and act from my most authentic self and it paid off in a very big way. I faced what was once a a ravenous pit bull and it turned i…