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The Integrity Impostor / What Will I Do?

We all have standards and that is for sure. Some would say that others do not have standards, well they have them too. It's just that they are so low, that it seems like they are non existent. Then there are those who seem to be doing everything right from the outside until you actually get a peak into what is really happening. I mean let's face it, all that glitters isn't sold. Yes, I know I twisted that statement, but for good reason I assure you. It's amazing how certain people will run a business of any kind and feel as though they will continue to proceed without a scratch when they are not using a  certain amount of integrity. To be fair, that amount is up to you and I. They don't come to the first business meeting that you have with them wearing an integrity pin that lets you know what level they are at in the present moment. You can only gage it by what they do during your first transaction with them. Better yet, you can watch how they deal with someone e…

Choosing To Be Where You Are

I have heard it said that we are right where we are supposed to be at this very moment. This has been said or written by those that I respect the most from the personal development world and so on. I believe this statement, even though it is sometimes difficult to swallow. If you look at your life right now, can you admit that you are choosing to be exactly in the state of mind and geographic place that you have chosen. I would bet that there would be quite a few people that would disagree and start to kick up a little dirt as well. I am not one of them at all. I have been shockingly real with myself of late. There are definitely some changes in the works in the very near future.

  Today I was at a Yankee game. If you have never been to the stadium, it is a spectacular place to see. The stadium is full of life and excitement. The refreshments are beyond expensive, and the fans are very serious about their team. They are in the top of the ranks right now in baseball and this makes th…

Common Knowledge / Common Sense / Karma

Now let me begin by stating one thing up front, I do not believe that knowledge is common. If it were, many people would have different lives all over the world. Just to be fair, lets clearly define what knowledge is to be thorough. I have conveniently provided it for you below:

knowl·edge ˈnäləj/ noun 1.  facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. "a thirst for knowledge" synonyms:understandingcomprehensiongraspcommandmastery

So as you read this definition, what do you see is the problem here?If you get some facts, information,or a skill under your belt, that's considered knowledge. However, if you get it but do not use it, that's called many other things that I will not write here on this friendly blog.

Now lets throw in common, just for good measure. Many things are common. Here are a few that come to mind:
Loose shoe laces Not enough room to park a large car in …

Missing A Piece Of The Story

One of the most frustrating things about having a brain is that it can create the most outlandish scenarios with just a sliver of information. This one piece of information can create two Disney movies and a one man or woman drama out of thin air. Everything around us has a deeper story than what we see up front and center. Most people are not exactly who you think they are and the ones that are true to themselves and others through and through are few and far between. These are the gold mines in this life and I make sure that i stay as close to them as possible. They are not perfect, they are just shockingly real and upfront.

   So I had two situations today in which I allowed my mind to get taken on a bit of an uncomfortable ride. It was not for long, because I caught it. However, it was so strong as it tried to make its way out of my head and into my soul. The situations were simple yet capable of destroying my attitude if I allowed it. Firstly, I had to be at an apartment to le…