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Noticing Others And Gathering Nuggets

One of the greatest joys in my life is my undying love of watching others and how they navigate through the day. I mean everything from what they wear, to whether say, to what they eat, and even what book or magazine they are holding. People tell us so much about themselves without even speaking.This is a truth that will never ever change. I have gained so much knowledge just from watching people and paying attention to minutiae. I love the silent exchange of information.

   I was in the food coop today that I am a member of here in Brooklyn. As I was going through the produce area, I ran into a woman that truly is a warm spirit that never shows me anything but the best energy and authenticity. She always smiles so warm when she sees me and she always shoots straight from the hip. She is a loving kith roof two who is happily married and a business owner as well. I looked at her as bespoke and noticed her very unique earrings and her beautiful eyes as well. Those were the things tha…

Getting Things Done

It seems that we spend our lives getting things done. We tell ourselves that anyway. I spent a good portion of my day today doing just that on many levels. I must have done at least 12 different things and it actually felt really good. Then I asked myself, what did I do that will make tomorrow a little bit easier and when will I have to do that thing again? I also am very focused on making time "for" myself right now. I see a huge difference between doing things myself vs. doing things for myself. There has to be time for you. That piece or pieces of time that are just reserved for you to flow.

   I have spoken to my friends from time to time about this concept and most of them say that they have very little if any time for themselves. They own it and commit to it as well. I was thinking back to when I was a child and I could not remember if my parents took time for themselves either. I always remember them taking care of me and making sure that I was doing the right thin…

From The Other Side

There are moments that truly yank on my soul that I cannot ignore. It's just so amazing that we are experiencing life on so many different levels, yet so similar at the very same time. I was in a deep conversation with a very deep and passionate woman a few days ago that humbled me.

   We spoke of her relationship with her current girlfriend. They have been in this relationship for a few years I believe. She is from South America and her father did not accept her same sex relationship. I felt that he was embarrassed or felt that his daughter should not be gay under any circumstances. Obviously, she was broken down by this. She loves her father and she wishes that he would give her his blessing.

    The focus of this posting though, is that I was listening to her and realizing that I was now listening to a young woman that was experiencing something that I had gone through. No, not the father and the gay relationship. She is dealing with a partner that claims to not want to have…

Uversa And I Meet Once Again

I wrote a post on 5/18/12 and it described meeting a woman named Uversa. I was instantly taken by her aura and presence. She was sitting there alone as I remember, however she had something that I cannot explain. It was wisdom mixed with love, a keen sensitivity, and that special internal gift to feel your energy instantly. I was walk-in through Union Square to day and I saw her and I was instantly drawn to her energy once again. She was in the midst of reading taro cards for a young man. I waited patiently for about 15 minutes without saying a word.

  When I sat down next to her, I asked her if she remembered me. She looked at me in a concentrated fashion  and then said yes. I told her that I had written a blog about her about 3 years ago and that I really enjoyed that day immensely. The next thing out of her mouth was truly remarkable. She told me that because of that post and mentioning her, she got connected to lots of people that wanted to speak with her and to do photo shoot…

Will You Answer One Question On Camera?

This is what the guy said to me that approached me today. He actually asked me the question before he started taping me and then asked it again as he started recording. The question was,"What would you do if you had $2000 that you had to give away, but you could not spend it on yourself or your family?" I thought quickly and then some quick answers came into my head. These are the complete answers that I gave him:

- Got to Tompkins Square park and feed all the homeless people that I see with about $300.
  - Take $500 of it and give it to a son or daughter of someone that I know to start an account.
  - Go to a school and donate $500 to the music department so that they can buy some instruments.
  - Send the last $700 to a person who I know needs it anonymously in the form of a money order.

   This guy literally popped up out of nowhere to ask me this question and he was so happy with my answers. He asked me for my email and said that the producers would probably be contacting…

Life In The I Don't Know Lane

So what do we really know about the future of our lives? Can you tell me where you are going to be next week at 2:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday? Can you tell me if you are going to be able to handle it when a random person approaches you full of rage and wants to go toe to toe with you at a moments notice? What about if a family member suddenly passes away and you have to deal with it in the best way possible. You could not possibly answer these questions and we are completely clear on that topic. Yet and still, some of us seem to know exact;y how a certain person is going to react if we say something to them or don't agree with what they are saying. It is like some people are emotional mind readers. Therefore, many possibilities in life are completely shut down for them.

   I learned a long time ago that we can only take care of ourselves. It will never change no matter how long we live. However, at times we feel that we can change others by acting a certain way or by withhol…