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What's Right With You?

The opposite of this question is painfully obvious. So why do most people not switch it up when they find themselves up against the wall? In my opinion, it's because there are too many people having regular group pity parties either by phone, text, or email. Let's face it, life is challenging. Even when things are really good, there is a snag or two here or there. It's also interesting that those who cannot seem to see anything good or right around them will almost always attempt to make you feel as though you are crazy. In other words, those who cannot hear the music think the dancers mad. I heard this quote years ago and it cut through me like a knife. I loved it.

   So what is right with you? Outside of the obvious things like, you are alive, you can read this posting, you are not homeless, you most likely have friends, you can eat, you have clothing, you  have the ability to make decisions that navigate the next frame in this movie, and so forth. But to be very spec…

Cellphones And Starbucks

Somehow I am becoming a little bit more and more sensitive to the use of the cell phones in the streets of NYC. I use my phone as I walk, however, I pay very close attention to those around me and I am close to not walking and using my phone at all. I noticed something today that disturbed me and then I saw it again about 2 hours later again. Two people were walking towards each other and they almost hit each other head on. They were both men and one of them basically told the other one where he could go, if you know what I mean. The thing is that they were both looking down and they were both at fault. I watched it and though to myself imagine how many things you could run into if you are looking down for too long. I have not done this in a while. I am actually a bit concerned about what would happen if I walked right in front of a moving car or something of that sort. The second situation was almost identical in its bullet points. Except, this time it was a man and a woman.  The…

Credit Card Found, Bracelets Exchanged

I have said in the past quite a few times that I find things quite a bit. Everything from phones to folders, wallets, and even credit cards. I found a credit card last night and I could not help but to find its owner as soon as possible. I know how it feels to lose a personal item like this and I have been very fortunate to have almost everything that I have lost on that level returned to me in rapid time. I knew that I would get this card back to its owner, and I did.

   I started by looking for him on Facebook by just typing in his name. I am not on Facebook, so I was just checking to see if he was there. I was unsuccessful, so I moved on to the next area, which for me was the white pages. Most people are not aware that the white pages still exist online, I found him and his address, but no phone number or email. I though that I would just walk down to his house, but then I thought that it might be a little too much. You never know who you are coming face to face with as it rela…

Let Me Show You How I Like To Be Treated

We have people all around us no matter where ewe live in this awesome universe. We like certain things and we dislike certain things. If you are human, these categories are real. You can try to avoid one or the other, however, you will undoubtedly be unsuccessful. When someone is involved outside of yourself, there will be a conflict at some point no matter how you slice it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it can teach you so many things about the core of you.

   Let's say that you are speaking to someone and you shoot out a racial slur of sorts without knowing that your friend is actually biracial. He or she then becomes a bit agitated by your comment and you have to talk them down from the ledge so to speak. I can almost guarantee that you will not say anything further going forward about that topic. That person just taught you how they do not like to be spoken to in their own way.

   Here comes the breakdown. When you find a reason not to show people how you like to be …

What Am I Attracting?

This question is a major league one that cannot be answered with an ounce of non authenticity. Personally, I have been asking myself this for the past 5 years more than ever before. It's a question that demands an answer if you should choose to allow it to enter your mind and soul. I look at my life right now and see all that I have both tangible and intangible. How did I get these things and how did I allow certain emotions and mind sets to take up residence in my system? The truth is an uncontrollable master and a refreshing breath of fresh air all at the same time.

  When we are watching our thoughts carefully, we can really cut out so much garbage. This is an art and it takes years to master. The bruises that we receive along the way are worth it and they can push us higher or drag us way below "see" level. I caught myself a bout two days ago as I was in a conversation with two people that I had never met before. We were at a social gathering and I proceed to tell …