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Without Asking Or Telling, They Hear You

I am about to get deep. So in our lives we will hit a few walls from time to time. Many times, we will tell our closest people when this happens. However, some of those times we will not utter a word. In the times that we do not speak of our challenges we are mostly choosing to take care of any given situation on our own and not to bother anyone. That statement is the one we render many times in our lives for sure. We tell the people that we are closest to that we did not want to bother them with our troubles or our shortcomings. The interesting thing though, is that in the end, they hear us even when we do not speak about it.

  I believe that humans are just born good on many levels. We learn over time to curl up and block love and fight against forgiveness and all of that low vibrational stuff. I say that we learn it, but what I really mean is that we sign up for it with our own souls willingly. Just the other day I was on the train and I watched a man of about 40 or so looking at…

Taken Personally

Well, it may very well be the downfall of all mankind, and women. The fact that we all take things personally from time to time. Some of us take almost everything personally. I can remember so many times when I was engaged in a conversation with someone or even a group of people and I let this feeling take control. In the last ten years or so I realize again and again, it's only personal if you make it so. This rule works so well, that each time I challenge it, I come out with unnecessary bruises. Do you feel me at all?

   I see it like this. The people who are out to get us, or to show us that we are wrong, or any one of those, are usually the ones that don't get much respect in their lives on most occasions. They look for what is wrong with others, so that we cannot see their flaws, but we do. Then there is the fact that if we are judging too much, then we are not preserving our own well being. It can be a very hairy boomerang. But yet and still, it does not pay to take an…

Doing It When You Don't Want To

This title applies to so many things. I was moved to write this today because I didn't want to go and take care of two things that I should have this morning. One was to attend a shift at the coop that have agreed to be apart of, and the other was to have a difficult meeting regarding a business matter. I am proud to say that both things were truly not as bad as my mind wanted to believe they were. Yet and still, I could have not done either of them and it would have been very different. These situations are what shape us as human beings.

  I am being challenged all of the time as we all are. There is nothing unique bout life throwing you some Dan Quisenberry (attract baseball reference), curve balls.  We just have to do what they do in baseball, put our glove out and catch it or at least get our mitt on the ball. When you hear that voice that is constantly rationalizing why you shouldn't do something, most of the time, just silence it. I have found that avoiding things only…