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Emotion Elevation

I sang tonight in a very large band in an exclusive venue. The people were flying high. The feeling was one that I cannot explain. Smiles, jumps, and total bliss. I was so grateful for this evening in so many ways. It's those moments that you get lost in the euphoria that you just don't want it to end. I do this for a living, I thought. It was powerful.

   If someone gives you money to do what you love, most times there is a disconnect from your heart to your brain. However, when you sit with it and take it in, it's amazing. Many people will go through there whole lives never coming close to this emotion. It does not make them any less of a human being, I just wish they could taste this emotion.

    This night was spectacular. I am grateful. There is so much more to say. I have to close my eyes...
Celebrate blissful moments as much as you can and more will surely appear.. I am gone like the wind..


Slow / Motion

I meditated at about 7am this morning. It's a habit of mine to do it later in the day. I have been pushing my days into the ground, so I have been just getting it in before midnight and it's been a bit on the rush side. This is of course the opposite of what meditation should be. I do it to decompress, let it all go, and to just reset. It's amazing how the mind keeps pulling you back into a space of movement.

   So there are moments when I meditate that I hear voices telling me that I am not relaxing or releasing at all. These moments are very revealing, yet necessary. Today was one of those days for sure. It was a 30 minute meditation and it actually zipped by. I was not able to completely sit into a place of nothingness. However, I have also been told many times that there will always be a voice whispering to you or even screaming at you for some people.

    The motion that I am feeling even right now as I type this is a bit faster than I would like to feel. I am work…


I was spending a little time with my young future superstar musician today. He is always bundles of energy and he is non stop. That boy can play until his limbs fall off. I don't mean the guitar either. I took him to a park to blow off some after school steam. He entered the park and it was on like buttered popcorn. He ran and swung and did it all. I watched from the bench and he was just in heaven. I love watching him have a ball.

   As I sat there, a woman sat down about 20 feet from me. She was about 60 something years of age. Her aura was strong and as I called out to Mr. Excitement, she asked me if I was in charge of him. I told her that I was and a conversation opened up. I immediately thought of the post that I had written on smiling. Her smile could light up the Golden Gate Bridge. I could tell that she was full of wisdom in so many ways and I could not wait to listen to it. She had my attention with just that. She absolutely led with her smile.

   Understand that this …

Smiling Vs. Frowning

I have heard many number about how many muscles it takes to smile vs how many it takes to frown. We are a culture that is completely fascinated by the numbers and the breakdown of things, so this is no surprise to anyone that is from America. I told someone that it takes more muscles to frown than it takes to smile and they challenged me. I love a challenge for sure. So I set out to get some more facts on this. The first place that I read the data on it actually told me that it took 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile. Then another place told me that it takes 26 muscles to smile and 62 to frown.

    At the end of the day, these statistics are just numbers. However, I am going to continue to get as deep into this as I possibly can. There is no prize for finding this all out except maybe to know how to make my face stay as young and as stress free as I can. These things get into my core in case you have not noticed as of yet. There a re definitely those who seem to smile through ev…

The Fatherless Child

I cannot speak directly about this because I have 2 strong and able fathers. I wrote this for the child who does not have even one. To think of what they see or feel is not something that I can truly get close to, but I attempt it anyway. I have first hand knowledge and a front row seat because a little boy that I am close with is dealing with this right now. He is starting to question it and to look for a suitable person. He is not at fault to be on this quest at all.

   The woman is strong and full of countless tools. A woman is truly the fulcrum of life in many ways. I feel this with all of my being. However, she cannot display that which a man can and there for there is certainly a void where a young boy is concerned. Can a woman raise a healthy, polite, and forward thinking young man, who cares for others and makes a mark in this world? Yes, of course she can and has many times in the past. There is this other thing though, that will probably always be somewhat missing.


Let's Do Less At A Time

After speaking with a very unique person in my circles, I had an epiphany. It seems that every new product is bringing us closer and closer to being disconnected from one another. They claim to help our lives, yet they make things that we would normally do with people, turn into things that we can do alone. Some of them are good, but most of them are not. If we can surf the net, talk on the phone, watch our child, and paint our nails (ladies), then how focused are we in that moment? It all focuses around doing as much as we can at one time. Is it good or a hindrance?

  There is a new watch that just came out from a certain company. I choose not to say it here because they truly do not need my promotional skills at all. I saw it and it looks very futuristic and next level. So I asked myself what function does it really solve? Less to carry? Answering calls on your wrist? I am not sure that I am fully getting it. No disrespect to that company though, they make brilliant products for s…