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What Are You Expecting?

I have written about this in the past and it seems to come up again and again. We all have our own ways that we have been trained to look at and deal with life. There is nothing we can do about it, for the most part. Actually, there is plenty that we can do about it, if we are committed to changing it. The barrier comes when we have to ask ourselves how much is it worth it to us? If you wanted to stop smoking and lose 50 pounds, how would that change your life? Would it change the way you showed up in the world? Would it change how people interacted with you? Would it change the way you felt? Yes, of course it would. The deal is though, once again, is how much do you want this change?

   It seems we are constantly plagued with the, "Is the grass greener on the other side?" Well, most times we do realize that wherever we go, there we are. However, we can change under the right circumstances and we do change as soon as the pain with the current situation becomes unbearable…

Life Is Short, Or Is It?

We all hear people say that life is short. When I personally hear this, I stop and consider the source. I also say to myself inside over and over again, life does not have to be short. It seems to connote that we do not have time to do the things that we want to do. However, we do have time to do the things that we want to do. It's just that we seem to always be told that everything is on a timer. Not the kind of timer that you would use to bake a cake, but the kind that can just rob your life from right under our noses. There is no need for this in my humble opinion.

   Life s short to those who know that they are dying from a disease, but even then, they have no idea when it will take them. They have no idea what the exact day is. People have outlived death sentences by several years and that will never change. The highest of spirits have circumvented their lives ending merely because they believed that their lives are long and not short. A movie can be short, a street can be …

I Am

I am present.
I am grateful. I am curious. I am a daily dreamer. I am in love with giving.
I am going to make a unicycle for the summer. I am full of promise. I am a bit overwhelmed at times. I am tired of excuses. I am listening more. I am no longer using the word "try". I am confused as to why racism still exists. I am wondering why people don't want more from themselves.
I am seeking the answers to life's challenges.
I am certain that I will own a restaurant one day.
I am not giving up on any of my aspirations.
I am not putting up a front just to be accepted.
I am not listening to negative people who have not achieved what I plan to.
I am loving the new Alice Smith CD.
I am planning to go somewhere that I have never been in 2016.
I am visualizing my books on the shelf at bookstores all over the world.
I am hearing an idea for a song right now.
I am certain that love is still the answer to almost everything.
I am so excited to know that some of my hardest lessons …

Cultivating The Inner Sanctuary

Good day or evening good people. Today marks the 500th posting!! The book is set into motion as of tomorrow. I could not be happier. As I have said a few posts ago, Brigitte is moving her way back into the rotation here on this blog. Hopefully in the near future we will be alternating days and offering a male and female perspective on the magic in each one of our days. Please feel free to comment on anything that moves you. Once again please welcome some powerful sentiments from Brigitte below.

    I have been an energy practitioner using hands-on "energy healing"; Reiki,Yuen Method, and a            few other techniques that I have studied over several years.  My introduction to energy healing    occurred through people I did not know but toward whom I felt a connection and openness.  This work serves multiple purposes:  some people come to see us for emotional, physical or mental discomfort; others simply to relax; some people want to refine their lives, gain clarity and…