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The 10,000 Hour Principle

I was reading a Malcolm Gladwell book today entitled "Outliers."It's a quite famous book that delves into the concept of those who are on the outside of normalcy. Those who have done extraordinary things in a less than ordinary time frames. This book is full of some great examples as well as some really thought provoking concepts. This book surely does not need my praises, as it has been a world best seller for quite some time. It is definitely an intriguing book that I highly recommend. It makes you think and evaluate were you stand for yourself.

   It has been said by many a high level thinker or writer that it takes ten thousand hours or more to become a professional, or an expert, or any one of those loaded words. Somehow, this book made me think of my hours over the past 24 or so years that I have been doing what I do. I mean, unless you have had a timer going each and every time that you do the work that inspires you, how can you really know? I love this concept…

The Soft Side Of Friendship

I had a rundown of what friendship means to me in my head. I truly do not know where it came from, it just arrived at the top of my dome and demanded that I think about it today. I also got a call from a person that I have been friends with since 1989. She and I have been speaking for that long without a hitch ever. There is only one other person that I meat during that same time that I am also very close with as well. I pushed it around in my mind and asked myself, how is it that these people have remained solid friends with me after all of these years with nothing but the best of energy and not a hint of difficulty or push back? What is that thing that makes people just flow with you and not have an inch of pushing back? I pondered this at length today.

     Just to be clear, I believe that we need those who challenge us just as much as we need situations that challenge us. There is a limit though. If we seriously listened to what our closets friends were saying most times, we…

The Magic Of Giving What You Have

So in 5 more posts I will have rendered 500 posts. This is exciting on many levels, but first and foremost, its about all of my readers. I read a statistic chart from this blog a few moments ago, that is beyond humbling to say the very least. I cannot even display the number here because it is that unbelievable. I truly believe that people read this blog because they take something from it that helps them, entertains them, or maybe even just distracts them from life for a few minutes. I wanted to start out today by saying, thank you. There are many places to marinate on the net. Some of them are not so classy and some of them are really over the top, yet others are very specialized and so forth. If you choose to be here even once in a month, I am grateful for your presence. All that I do is give you a snapshot of the things that make my blood race or even stop at times, briefly of course. Either way, if you enjoy it, I am happy, very happy.

   Outside of writing and performing, I …

The Broken Escalator / Kundalini Owns Me

We all have things that are done for us in this life. I am referring to the things that just happen while we are enjoying the ride. For example, in certain states, you do not have to get out of the car to pump your gas. You sit there and it just happens. There is also this new craze called auto spell check. I do not have to explain that one at all I am sure. So the new generation does not have to spell well, because when they get it wrong, the computer corrects them. Does that make them stronger going forward? I think not. You can see where I am going with this.

    The concept of the broken escalator is simple. When you walk up to it, do you not use it because it's broken? Or do you scale the steps with the mi diet that you have to get to the top no matter what? Each person will obviously read this in a different way. I was on a broken escalator today. There were so many pouts and grimaces and so forth when they approached it. I mean it was really so comical. It happens in th…

Lessons From My Mother's Mother

Today is yet another special day. On this day, my mother's mother was born. She passed quite a few years back and I still miss her. I know that she was a bit strict with my mother and aunt of sure. I have heard stories about how she raised them and she was quite the perfectionist. I remember her as a woman that could make anything from anything. She could tell me that she had nothing in the fridge when I ask her for some food, and out of nowhere create a five star meal that looked and tasted divine. She would then tell me that it's really nothing and walk away to do something else incredible. I remember her making a centerpiece from dollar bills that looked so much like real flowers that I had to walk up close to it just to be sure. My grandmother was an artistic savant.

    So I asked my mother a few questions about her mother today. She told me that she went to pay her respects at the cemetery and let her know that everyone was doing just fine. She then realized that her …

Checking In From The Outside

This is a post about people who are on the outside of a situation that check in with you about it, even though it does not concern them at all. Let me explain. I was doing my monthly shift at my local coop. I am there for 2 hours and 45 minutes each month without fail. If I miss a shift, I have to do 2 shifts and so on and so forth, I love to be there for many reasons. I have written about it at length in past postings. I love the connections, the interactions, and the overall vibe in this building. I am friends with many people there and they embrace me as well. If you cannot be around lots of interaction, this is not the place for you at all.

   About two weeks ago while I was doing my shift, a woman came up to me that I am casually friends with mostly while I am there. She is a pleasant woman who always smiles at me and greets me with warmth. I have actually seen her many times outside of the coop in Brooklyn and in Manhattan just randomly. She is alone or I am with friends or v…

Amanda Palmer Revisited

I wrote a post about Amanda Palmer not too long ago and since then, I have been more and more impressed with her. I am nearing the end of reading her book and I am just so proud to have met her and given her a hug in person. She is authentic, driven, curious, and very connected to her craft. She has been so many things on the road to her present fame. I use that word very lightly. Reason being, she does not consider herself a celebrity at all. She just is who she is and she is still amazed at how far she has come. That is so humbling and so refreshing.

   The book is really such a smooth and moving journey through this woman's life. It is taking every inch of my patience not to tell you all about the book, so let me not go there. I respect her ability to tell the story of her journey.  It was not all clean at all. That is so much of the journey, the unclean parts. I know so many artists that want the ride to be clean and without any negative incidents. That is like saying you w…