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Everyone Is Not Struggling

Have you ever heard someone say that everyone is struggling right now? You know the ones that say that the economy is tearing up America and that the jobs are dwindling and so forth? Well, let me be the first one or close to the first one to tell you that none of that is true. I know that there are so many people preparing right now that it is silly. Do you know what the catch is? The catch is that you usually feel how the average heron or people that you connect with feel. Yes, that is right. You become a replica of the majority of the people that you associate with on a daily basis. That can be a disturbing thought if you really think about it.

   I performed at an event tonight and it was in a penthouse not to far from my house. It was very minimalistic and open. I arrived during the day to set up things for the band and the sun dripped in from every window, making it very warm. I could see very far in every direction, including just about all of the NYC skyline. I met the owne…

The Gifts Contained In Rising Early

I have been fascinated for quite some time at what happens in the first part of the day. The hours between let's say 5 and 7 am. This is a time that is shockingly quiet and ultra serene. I will not get a phone call 90 percent of the time. No one will ring my buzzer or come knocking on my door. I will not have a deadline to meet during this time. I will not be forced to speak to anyone on any level. I will almost always be left completely alone during this time. I also realize that we all live under different situations, living arrangements, and time zones. But the fact of the matter is, I do not care where you live or what you do, this time of the day is a goldmine of possibilities for higher learning and private growth.

  I did some organizing and some contemplating, as well as some reminiscing and some meditation. I am writing in a book daily that I call my gratefulness journal. The rules are simple, just write not thing a day that you are grateful for. That is just a simple w…

The Power Of Pleasant Weather / RATAHHHHHH TAT TAT

Now I have lived in some places that are hot most of the year, namely Florida. However, I now live in a place that has all of the seasons and I enjoy it thoroughly. I have to say though, I do notice the difference in overall behavior when it just start to get nice and on through the summer. The warmth soothes us and we get to relax into our days and nights just a little bit more. Today is was about 64 degrees in the city. I could feel the energy of the people as I walked down the street. It was really nice. I feel this every year, but something was different about today specifically. I have never actually sat down and written about it before.

    I crossed Union Square today and I am telling you, every face that I saw was happy! There were couples laying around, kids playing soccer, skating, singing, selling their wares, and so forth. I stopped on a bench and just took it all in for a few moments and it was just perfect. New York is the kind of city that changes on a dime by the s…

He Had No Idea

Today was a humbling day for so many reasons. As you probably know by now, I love children. I love their curiosity, their boldness, their naive nature, their innocence. I am mentoring an 8 year young boy that I have developed a special relationship with over the past 3 or so months. I teach him guitar and I tutor him in reading as well. This young blood is full of energy and he does not let a minute go by without reminding you of this. Trust me, not a minute. I met him at school today and we took a stroll through the park. I am game to go into Central Park on any day of the week for any reason at any time. It is one of the only places the world that makes me happy by just stepping into it. Anything that is happening inside of it is just extra bliss.

   He walked in with a cup of flavored ice that I bought for him after school. His lips were as red as a country apple and he could not be happier. We spoke  about baseball and the files that were to our right. We also spoke about the f…

Creating Leverage For Good

Picture this. You want something, but you cannot afford it. So you say to yourself, how can I get what I want without having to spend so much money? The answer is leverage. If you want to move form one house to another, you would need a moving company right? So let's say for this example that the company will charge you $600 for the complete job. This includes, the van, movers, and the time for the effort that they will put out. If for some reason you could not afford it, what could you do? Well, you could hire 4 separate people who really need the money and probably do it for $300 and get the same job done. Now there is a reason why certain services cost so much. There is a thing called quality and expertise and that costs each and every time. It is supposed to cost, it's miles better than the status quo.

  My point here is this. Recently, I have been able to leverage great people who do quality work to partner with me in doing what I do. I also recently had a not so favora…

Connection Does Not Lie

It's the thing that I cannot debate in this life. If you have a connection with a certain person, nothing can stop it. You cannot negotiate with it or plot to slow it down or rearrange it at all. We have all been there once or twice and even more for some people. You think that you can run from your truth and mask it as something else. But then the heart yanks you like a small child walking a puppy. We are not really as complex as we seem to be most times. We love and we love hard when its right. Those who work tirelessly to stop it, are wasting their time. It works the same way when you dislike a certain thing too. Although, I always seem to find a way to turn that negativity into a vibe that I can work with. I mean let's face it, some people are just not meant to be on our journey with us. It's a cruel and harsh reality.

   This topic is very important to me because I see examples of it more than anything else in my life. Watching two people make there way through the…