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Birthday Pondering And Appreciation

So we all have a birth date. Actually, some people claim to have not been born. That is too much to tackle in this posting. I can only say that I am so very grateful for my life. The places that I have been, the people that I have interacted with, and of course the gift of the people who actually gave me the gift of life. When this day comes, I am always humbled by the messages that I get and the people who show their appreciation for me. It's far from an ego trip, it's just a warm and comfortable place to marinate in. I also find it so interesting how many people remember my day that I hear from so little during the other parts of the year, if at all. I am truly moved by their gesture of just a quick phone call and a message.

    When I think about my birthday, I also think of my parents and what they were going through on this day back then. What were their concerns about how to care for me and what they had to sacrifice to make things happen? Times were different back t…

I Am Not John Wayne

Let me explain. There are so many things in our lives that we think we cannot control. We run into situations that own us, at least temporarily, and we flounder. People tell us things that we feel we cannot push through. We also just hear things from side sources that are not proven, and even then, we can start running. The fact of the matter is, we have more power to move things with just a little bit of tenacity and even more faith. We can learn to be more educated in certain subjects as well as model those who are the cream of the crop and open up incredible new caverns in our minds. The issue with all of this, is that we have to shed our current states of mind to do so. That is where the rubber meets the road. Actually in most cases, it's just where most people just meet the rubber.

    I took some time away from my normal surroundings to celebrate another year on this magnificent planet. Tomorrow, I will be one year wiser, one year clearer, one year closer to my life goal…

While We Are Here

This will be a short posting. I am fortunate to have not one, not 2, but 3 parents alive. This is a rarity these days for sure. They each have very unique personalities and make a clear impression wherever they go. I have mentioned them in many posts in the past. I love and appreciate them in ways that I cannot explain. I bring all of this up because I had a conversation with my father a couple of days ago and he said something that moved me. He told me that he had spoken to his mother a few minutes ago and that he really enjoyed the exchange each and every time. Then he told me that I should say everything that I need to say now, because one day these conversations will not be possible. I took it in a very positive way, because I knew that he was right and I also felt the same about my conversations with all of my parents.

    We all know that we do not know our exit date. So while we are here, we should say all that we want to say to as many people as possible. I found it interes…

We Finally Came Face To Face

There are some times in our lives that we wish we had done things differently. Then as I mature, I realize that I am grateful for all of my experiences. I say this because I am different and definitely more solid because of them. There have been interactions that we did not respond to in the way that we wished we had as well as well has times when we were quiet and did not respond at all. Lastly, there are times that we wish that the other person had just given us a chance to respond or to be heard instead of slamming the door in our faces with no resolution. We cannot get any of those situations back no matter how hard we try. This is a certain duality that exists and it works best when both sides are present. This is the set up for my story.

   I have a friend in my life that I highly respect. She is a business owner, who is involved in many other things. Her mind works and she is tenacious. I have known her for years.I believe that we first met in yoga class. I found out that sh…

Black Magic Woman Is A Fleetwood Mac Song

This title is a fun way to stay to say that many things that you think are a certain way are not. Secondly, so many facts that we swear are true, are not. If you are not a musician, or involved in the business, this title means nothing to you. Let me give you some back story. I sang Black Magic Woman in my first professional show. This was back in 1992. From this time until today, as in this morning, I did not know that it was a Fleetwood Mac song. Now I could have researched it, so I take that responsibility. However, I did not, because I had no reason to. I just learned it and then performed it several hundreds of times. I enjoyed it and it made me happy. The point here is, I had no idea that it was not Carlos Santana song. That is who I thought was the writer and musician. Now it became well know because of him and his influence, so that is still important.

    Now I am in a place where I want to research other things and get clarity too. I don't mean that I am just going o…

Now Let's Dance! / Kundalini Does It Again

I had to start with that title for this blog. My kundalini class was once again surprising, deep, full of  information, and lastly, so necessary. I have had space in between my classes and I have come to realize that it will be different when I make it that way. My class today was chock full of wonderful insights. The teacher asked how many people were new and quite a few hands went up. He told us that we should thank all of those hands on the way out because they all just made it easier for us. He didn't want to stress them on day one.

    So we began with some basic chants and then a nice strength exercise to cleanse ourselves. Shortly after that, he told us to put our hands above our heads and dance! This is what I love about kundalini. He only gave us two rules. The first was to keep your hands above your head as you dance. The other was to never have both feet on the ground at the same time. This lasted for about 8 minutes as I remember. This was a great exercise because …

The Live Performance / Hozier

I have been performing live and on stage since I was in Junior High School. There is something about it that takes me to another place. I am positive that these words will not even come close to capsulizing it, but I will give it a whirl. It's the lights, the sounds, the instruments, the emotion, the escape from anything that is paining you. Unless of course the song that you are performing evokes pain, well then you are screwed. But on a more positive note, you are transformed either way each time. I know for a fact that getting up in front of a room of people and speaking or singing is the number 2 thing that most human beings are terrified of after death. After death you say? Yes after death. So why do I love it so much? I don't know, I guess it was just meant to be.

    This evening I was gifted a concert to see a singer/ songwriter named Hozier. He was full of warmth and clarity, talent, and spirit. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I want to know more about him right a…