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Luminaries Are People Too

lu·mi·nar·y ˈlo͞oməˌnerē/ noun plural noun: luminaries 1.  a person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere. "one of the luminaries of child psychiatry" synonyms:leading light, guiding light, inspirationrole modelheroheroineleaderexpertmaster

   We all get to see people that are in the public eye up close and personal at some point. It can be by mistake while walking in the street, or a shopping mall, or in my case, at parties for the most part. Actually, I have seen more people from the entertainment industry just walking down the streets of NYC than anywhere else over the past 10 years or so. I am also in the business, so I have met or just seen some of my favorite people at many parties as well. Each time it is different. I watch how people are affected by their presence, and it tells me so much about them as well as myself. It can change the way that they speak , stand, and even breathe at times.

   Last evening I was in…

If It Looks Too Good To Be True......Check It

I obviously hear that phrase differently most times. It seems that many people have this adverse style of deciding that most things are just bad and that people are just out to screw you over. Well, I can honestly say, that I am seeing things more so than not, going the other way. It can be with something small that you see advertised and it just seems out of balance. Like for example, the housing market here in NYC. I know people who rent apartments and help others to find them as well. The common statement that I hear is that all landlords are scum and they are greedy and that all they care about it your money. There are ads here in the papers and online that offer "no fee" apartments. Then when you get there, magically they are all gone, but there are some open, but they have fees. Now, I don't have to tell you that this is not right. However, it happens. The upside is that I know many people who have found incredible apartments on their terms and are very happy. S…

Self Love Is Power / There Are Good People Everywhere

I think that we can all agree that when we see a person stretching the boundaries just a little bit, it makes us think about our own capabilities and our own strengths. I live for the examples of human beings doing, saying, or projecting their strength in a healthy way that inspires others. So this morning I received an email from the site UP Worthy. Their tag line is, "Things That Matter, Pass Em On". I love that tag line more than I can tell you. It says it all and it gets it done. Today's bunch of things that they sent to me were high level things once again. I say high level because it pushed me and inspires me and allows me to stay up and vigilant.

  There was a story about a young man name Matt Diaz that gave me pause and I went with it. We seem to be living in a time where many people are coming out of their shells and revealing their fears, shutting down their self hate, and opening up to a more fruitful life. The stories can be found everywhere if you look for…

Almost 500 / Lessons From The Married

It is so unbelievable that in 25 posts I will have written 500 posts for this blog. Actually, that is not one hundred percent true. The truth is that 500 posts would have been entered into this blog, because I have a co writer and she has contributed a few posts as well. The point is that I told myself when I reach ed 500, I would create a book that had the posts that were most read as well as the posts that have meant the most to me to have written. So I am gearing up to do a wonderful self publishing right here in NYC and then the book can make its way around the world. I want it to sooth and inspire people and let them know that they are strong, creative, powerful, and most of all are definitely capable of making a difference. When I started this blog with Brigitte, we had absolutely no subscribers for a few months or so and now it has grown exponentially. Everything starts with a messy and unsure idea. However, it can grow into something that is truly larger than life. This blog…

For An Anonymous Couple

You know me, but just how much?
 I mean do you know of all my plans and such?
 Can you say that you can feel how my heart beats?
 Can you say that you can feel it when my soul weeps?

I know that you see yourself rising to the top.
I know that sometimes for you the water just gets too hot.
Sometimes there's a space in between what we feel,
A place where all things just don't seem real.

We all hit some walls and sometimes they hit us.
It is then we cocoon, and become afraid to discuss.
Things are not what they seem or that is what they say.
Then why do they block us and get in the way?

These words are for you two, and you know who you are.
To see your true beauty you won't have to look far.
The closest mirror or compact will do.
Any reflective device will show you the truth.

We cannot turn back time, and we cannot erase.
The things that have brought us to this present place.
The lessons are rich and the sentiments are real.
You've opened your soul, you've broken th…

A Truly Engaging Interaction

If you have not been able to tell so far, I love interacting with passionate people. They sneak out in front of you and their presence is unmistakable. I know that they live their lives this way, because if they treat me this way and they don't know me, it's clear. I have had some of the best interactions in the strangest places and I love to reflect on them.

   Today I walked in a shoe store because I had some time before an appointment. I had not been in this store before, so I was curious. Naturally, I walked right into a pair of shoes that gave me serious pause. They were brown and they were very strong and classic looking. As I picked them up, I could already feel them on my feet. Just so you know, I love shoes, but I do not need another pair in my closet. This does not stop me from being fascinated by gorgeous design. I also took a look at some very nice suits as well and I was amazed at the prices. When I say amazed, I mean that they were priced separately and they …

Dwelling In The Moment

I went to support a dear friend and take some pictures of a performance this afternoon. The vibe was so clear and full of love and graciousness. Her children and mother came to support her as well and they are so respectful of her talent. I have known her for at least 10 years now, or so it seems. She grew up in the time when NY was truly a jazz hub for all of the greats. It was nothing for her to be with her husband singing on stage and see anyone from Charlie Parker to Miles Davis just sitting at a nearby table. I have so much respect for her because she stays with the music. Her hands play melodies and her voice goes right along with them. Her tone is relaxing and pure, and she really means what she us singing. I can feel the authenticity at each performance. I told her that today's  performance was my favorite of all times. There was just something unique that she brought with her today and she released it out into a small audience of about 20.

   During the very short perf…