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If They Asked You

If they asked you to teach a group of people, young or old could you do it? What would you say, what would you do to get others a bit clearer on that thing that you do? You see we all do something really well and sometimes we are not even aware of it. Other times, we are fully aware of it, yet we feel that it doesn't even matter. Its those mundane things that most of us are afraid to ask about that could be taught to you sometimes in one afternoon. It's those things that you do that seem so effortless, that someone else is just waiting for you to lock arms with them and show them. I mean don't we realize that each person is cut from a different fabric and that their journey has been extremely different from ours in countless ways?

  Take a look at yourself and really take stock of all of the things that you do on a daily basis and you will most likely be amazed. Can you believe that some people just want to know how to cook 3 meals so that their family can eat better? Ho…

In Praise Of The Boldness Of One

I walked onto the train tonight and I saw this guy laying across the seats. He took up at least 4 seats and the train was full of people that could have sat down. I smiled so big when I saw him and I had to take a picture. Actually I took 3 pictures, but that's not relevant I guess. It was just great o watch how his choice of lounging affected others. Some smiled, some made ugly face, some make comments under their breath. I loved it so much that i could not handle it. This guy could not care less and it showed. He was sleeping, I thought. But then he changed his position and open and closed his eyes and then rolled over again. Each stop, a new batch of people rendered their opinions with only their faces and it was pure entertainment for me. This was a volume of lessons all wrapped up in one train ride.

   This guy just did what he wanted to do. There was no care of what people would say or if anyone was being inconvenienced at all. I see this as a way for things to get done …

Welcome Suite Brigitte My Co-Writer

You have probably already received Brigitte's posting, so I just wanted to write this short posting to let all of you know that two people can surely make a difference. I have only met Brigitte one time, yet she and I began this blog together over 4 years ago completely over the phone and online. We live on opposite coasts and we are both involved in philanthropic work on so many levels. We have events planned that will enable us to meet our readers and truly make connections and alter lives for the better. We are interested in getting you as close to your passions as possible.

   Brigitte and I will have events on the West coast and the East coast and even some places in between. Please stay tunes of what we will be doing and how it will all materialize. I am so happy to partner with such a vibrant and focused woman who will no doubt be a major catalyst in my vision, which has become our vision to just educate, open up, and inspire human beings all over the world. If you have …

Begin Where You Are.

Begin where you are.
Chase invited me to participate in this magnificent adventure of writing, celebrating the magic of daily life and to collaborate with others of like mind. It is great to be back to the page after a writing hiatus! If you have ever been in that place where you feel like you want to express something but not quite sure what it is – so you let your life's mission do the action and speaking – well, that is where I feel I have been.
Over the years, the notion of writing with authenticity has been a reoccurring theme and as I have made major life decisions, I have felt a range of emotions involving my purpose and interests.I have often thought of public figures and entertainers who utilize life experiences to create their material.Some of the greatest work, to me, arises out of what is really going on – some of which would not be considered the prettiest or most triumphant emotions and yet those feelings can serve as an impetus for the most amazing works…

The Challenges That Arise / The Need To Reciprocate Kindness

There I was in a car that was not my own. I had it by choice and I always take good care of it. It was the day to move the car and I also had to move it at a certain time or I would have gotten a ticket.  At the same time, workers were scheduled to be in my place and I had to be there for them. They were an hour late and the landlord arrived and chose to wait for them. I gave her my key and left the apartment. They arrived about 5 minutes later. I found their tardiness to be unacceptable based on it happening quite a few times in the past. I had to take a deep breath, make a fist, and let it go. There are many things happening that I don't about outside of my world.

   The next line of duty was to find a parking spot so that I could be on time for my appointments. After about 25 minutes, I could not find one and then it happened. I drove down a street that was full of cars and I was stick in the middle of them. There was a huge truck that stalled and not one car could move off…

Character Building Questions Before Bed

 At some point in every day, I ask myself each one of the following questions:

Did I reach out to another person today and make a difference in their lives?

How did I use at least one of my talents to have a good time?

Did I quiet my mind for at least 20 minutes so that it could reload?

How much thought did I give to those who are less fortunate than I?

What did I do to get closer to my ultimate dreams and goals?

Did I use each moment to my fullest ability?

Did I express gratitude for all of my blessings?

Was there a point in my day when I complained instead of finding a way to deal with anything?

What do I really want more than anything in this life?

How is it going got feel to be a father?

What is it that is holding me back right now from being wildly successful?

Do I send out as much love to others as I feel in my heart?

Where will I be 5 years from now?

Am I living this day as if it's my last?

Does a certain person really know that they have changed my life in a truly profound way?

  The only…