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Triggering Happiness

I use these two words very playfully as my title. I was watching a few people who got so angry today and it was incredible how they went from quiet,to the world is ending. I mean that cannot be healthy at all could it? It happened on the train and it involved people who thought they should but be touched at all while a crowded NYC train was moving. I cannot get into it. It just looked painful from my vantage point.

  So the triggers that make us upset can also be seen in an opposite way too! Don't you just love those things that can yank you up so high with happiness that you forget where you started? This is what I am speaking of right now. We arrive at this place in so many ways and we just feel so good. It happened today for a moment as a bought a juice in a place that I had never been in prior to that moment. Put simply, the people were smiling when I walked in to the place and they all greeted me. There were 3 of them. I ordered a juice that was very much so needed, and the…

The First Person That I Thought Of Was You

Have you ever heard that sentence come out of some one's mouth? I love to hear this. In this busy and over congested world, to know that someone thought of just you or you in general is humbling. I am very careful to just marinate there for a second or so in gratitude, because I believe that it is not something that should just be expected. What you bring is received in so many ways by so many people. There is never a guarantee that you will be thought of, selected, hired, or even loved by the people that you most want to and that is just life. I stay in a place of gratitude and that is it.

  So I received a call from one of my favorite energies on earth. There are definitely less than 10 in my entire circle of friends. I speak of those people who just say hello and you are present and smiling. This woman is a force of nature on many levels. Her smile brightens up the room and her attitude can truly make you stand up and notice a few things differently from time to time. She is…

The Children's Freedom Run

I had to write about this today because it has been on my mind for such a long time. There are things that I observe yet, I don't get around to writing about them, imagine that? Anyhow, children are one of my favorite topics, yet even I am surprised at how little I write about them. I actually think about and study children quite bit, if I can just openly admit that to whomever is currently reading this. It mesmerizes me to watch them and study how they just "do" things. I was alone for the entire day today and I saw quite a few of them on my way to the grocery store.

   I live in a part of New York that has loads of children. So as you can imagine, I see them everywhere. The strollers have become like limousines on the sidewalks, and the chatter is like a Friday night at a Chuck E Cheese's in any city. I love it though, I am not complaining in the least bit. As I walked today, a child actually startled me because I did not see him until he was right next to my r…

As The Heart Spills Over

Life is so amazing to me because we are constantly learning about ourselves. The moment that you think that you have had enough, you can usually go on just a little bit more. On the other hand, sometimes you are certain that you can go on forever, and you run out of steam. None of this is bad, it's just feedback. We are given so many chances to get stronger, be better, and to expose our truths, yet, most times fear uses us as a buffet. The truth is, we could not exist without a small amount of fear. How then would we know what really tests us and means the most to us?

  As I review situations that I have been involved with both professionally and personally, I realize that like a pearl, the scrapes, slips, falls, and moments of being pulled way under are what make us who we are today. To be direct, I was concentrating on a few times recently and in the past that I cried for different reasons. I am a happy person at least 85% of every day. That's a high percentage and I own …

My Conversation With A Robot

I was on the other end of the line and this robot was told what to tell me, how, and when to ask for payment. It was a long a drawn out process that I had some reservations about. The greeting was tense and not really that welcoming at all. The robot was obviously surrounded by others, as I could hear them all too clearly. I wondered if they too had the same scripts lodged into there heads. They all seemed to be blessed with this monotone, less than excited tone and they were all very consistent with it to say the very least. As you can imagine, I actually heard it echoing through the call.

  At one point I asked a question that deviated from the process. I could hear the robot get flustered and a bit uncomfortable all at once. The robot then spoke louder and over answered my question quite promptly. This was very entertaining. The information became irrelevant at one point based on my attention not truly being in the moment. I was thinking about how this robot got this job and how…

How Riding The NYC Subway System Is Similar To Living Our Lives

Each and every time that I am making a decision that will set in motion my next move, I know that there are many ways to go about doing it. For those of you who are not familiar with the subway system, it's exactly the same situation. As I rode the train earlier, I thought of which way was the best way too get home. Now I have used the system hundreds of times by now, however, there are so many creative ways to get from point to point in this incredible city, that it only makes sense to try new ones every now and then.

  So just to break it down to you in basic terms, the subway can take you to almost every borough. There is a ferry that takes you to one. However, for the price of one ride you can go several miles in any direction. In some other places, the train is charged by the zone and it can get expensive over time. Here in NYC, you can ride and then transfer and then ride and then transfer again and again. You must stay underground as you do this, mind you. As you look at…