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Micro Steps To The Top

Have you ever seen something develop from very small to absolutely huge in any industry? I mean you yourself actually saw the progress from the beginning until right now? I have seen many things like this and they give me so much joy to say the very least. I remember becoming friends with a guy that makes chocolate here in NY. I met him at an outdoor market one beautiful day near the Brooklyn Bridge. Then I saw him again a few months later at another one. About 6 months later, I was in a high end vegan store and there were those chocolates once again! He is and always was such a humble and kind person and I really vibe well with him. I knew that he would be a success. Cut to the present day. He had chocolate in so many places that I cannot keep track at all. He stuck to it and slowly, it exploded for him. The best part of this story to me is that he became successful with a product that is everywhere and has massive competition. Here is his site FINE AND RAW .Watch the video on the…

Eighty Dollars / Receiving Gracefully

What would you do with $80 right now? Would you buy something that makes you smile, pay a bill, save it, give it away, or just sit with it for a few days. The value of eighty dollars has changes quite a bit over the years, but that's just relative to who you are and how you see it anyway. Some people make $80 in one week, some in one day, some in 1 minute. I could talk to 100 people and they would probably give me 100 different answers. This is how it goes, we are all different.

   So I thought back to when I was a young boy. Back then, not too long ago, twenty dollars make me very excited. I could buy candy, or video game plays, or a few books, or some comic, and the list goes on. I really could make it go a long way no matter what. But what I remember about that time, is that I never really needed money for anything. I mean things did cost money, however, I was well taken care of through my parents and they made me work for extra money and it was never any different. I am so…

Posture And Walking Straighter

The art of how we are seen and how people see us is still so intriguing to me. Lately, I have been paying attention to how my posture changed from time to time and how I am walking. Take a look at your soles and see where the shoes wear out the most. I did this and I wondered why it is that I walk the way that I do. I also look to see how this correlates to my life in general? I know that there are some connections and I want to reveal them to myself.

   I tend to walk very much like a ballet dancer from what I can see on the bottom of my shoes. It is quite surprising to me because it does not feel that I walk that way in real time. However, the bottom of the foot does not lie. I am also flat footed. I feel that I can correct the way that I walk and therefore correct my posture and open up some more of my power as I walk through the world. I am not sure what has brought this on at this particular point, but it is definitely here.

    In yoga, the day before yesterday, I hit a wall…

Appreciation / Magic To Me

I have been concentrating more on appreciation lately. Thinking of and reaching out to the people and embracing the things around me that I truly appreciate. It's actually such an easy thing to do, however, it gets overlooked and pushed underneath the carpet most days. I see people all around me getting tested by challenges and people who push them to their limits. This will not go away for anyone, obviously. We will all be tested for the rest of our time here on earth. What is for certain though, is that drenching yourself in the magic that surrounds us and appreciating our breath, our sight, our limbs that allow us to travel around, and our functioning minds is an absolute must.

  I was thinking about the things that matter to me that I also appreciate so very much and this is what I came up with. These things are magic to me:

Venice, Italy

Myconos, Greece

My mother's scent.

The beach in Grand Cayman.

The corner of 23rd and Broadway in NYC.

A fresh sheet of paper to write …

Overlooking Yourself

These two words can be pushed in so many directions. I just want to concentrate on one for right now. I am so excited by the power that so many of my closest friends have inside of them. How do I know that they have this power you might say? Well, I hear it in them, I feel it, I just identify with it when its close to me. Lately, I have had so many interactions with friends that are going through a little something right now. I respect them and feel their struggle. I am also humbled that they came to me for a bit of solace. I do not take that lightly at all.What a joy it is to stand for someone during a down time.

   So I am posting this because I feel that people are forgetting about their own gifts. We can all get jobs and connect to another person's vision. However, we have gifts that are staring us right in our faces that we let go to waste. Each and every day I see an article about someone who has changed someone Else's life with their product, invention, book, or any…

Oscar Insights #2 / Searching For A Sugar Daddy

I failed to mention yesterday how I loved"The Grand Budapest Hotel" as a movie. I believe it was the only one of two of the films that I had seen, along with "Boyhood." Thins movie was filmed in such a fantasy way. I loved the costumes and the grain of the film and the choices of music and everything. I highly recommend it to you all. It does not matter that it did not win. I also love to watch Michael Keaton on and off film. He seems happy with his life and gracious and engaged. I do no think that having traits such as this in plentiful amounts will ever steer you wrong for the res of your life. I respect him so much for who he is.

    Well, Neil Patrick Harris did it again. He seems to have so much fun and also posses this innate talent for improv and shock as well. If you did not see the show, he came out with his underwear on at one point and that was one of the most daring things that I have seen a male host do ever! That guy was just off the meters and h…

Oscar Insights

I love the Oscars. Not so much because I am driven by awards, but because it celebrates the human spirit and highlights some of the most emotional moments in film and those who put it all together. They are one big family and they seem to be rooting for each other. Here are the insights that I came away with tonight:

   The spirit of MLK will probably never die. I love this.

   Music is and always will be timeless.

   Julie Andrews sang those songs 50 years ago and they are still relevant today.

   Lady Gaga is a bullet proof talent that I truly respect.

   People are talking about things like suicide, depression, and respect for each other more than ever.

   Eddie Murphy has not been visibly happy in quite some time, strange.

   Each time that I watch The Oscars, I see myself in a film.

   There were more actors crying this time than any other Oscars that I can remember.

   John Legend and Common are great examples of strong, talented, focused, and solid black men.

   Jennifer Huds…