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Distractions Of Bliss

There he was sitting there playing "Papa Was A Rolling Stone," on his little keyboard. He was all alone and people were walking by him every second. I noticed and heard him as soon as I entered the subway. He was smiling and singing his heart out. I immediately reached for a dollar. He had affected me without a doubt. As I got closer to him, he could feel my energy for sure. I stood about 3 feet in front of him and began harmonizing with him. This was not planned at all, but I could not stop it. He smiled even wider, as his eyes got bigger. He could tell that I was a singer too. I wish I could describe the joy that was exchanged in this moment. It was priceless. I dropped a dollar into his box. He put up his fist and pushed it towards me. I met it with mine and then walked on. No words were exchanged.

   About an hour before this, I was walking and whistling the song, "Don't Worry be Happy." I have no idea why I was doing that. I did notice though, that at l…

Money Loves Me / Failure As Your Success

All I can say is that when you start to pay more attention to your day to day conversations, you will grow even further. I make it a point to look for magic gems in my interactions, so it's a daily sport for me. I am no better than you, I am just really zeroing in on some mind bending stuff! I love to connect with the people that are vibrating on that next level that makes you really stay quiet and listen. As it is said, most of us are just waiting to speak instead of actually listening to what the other person is saying. What a wake up call that is.

   So there I was in the midst of a conversation with a woman that I have not spoken to in at least a few months. She is not from this country, however, she has been here of many years and has a beautiful daughter and was married to a great man. Long story short, I asked her what was making her tingle right now in life? What was her go to action to find bliss? What makes her really happy? Her answer in short was finding way to help…

Words Create Our World

I have been swallowing quotes and life quotes of years now. I am not sure how I originally started to be honest, however, I have never stopped. Life is so full of things that deplete us and bring us down. Actually, the things that bring us down do so because we let them. I have to keep it real. I learned from a very strong mentor that we give the permission for all things in your lives to penetrate us on every level. I had a hard time with that at first, I did not want to believe him. Now that I accept that statement, it keeps me in line mores than not.

   Today I chose three quotes to post that I believe will come into contact with your soul. Here they are:

    This first one strikes a chord in me first and foremost because I have been in this state of mind before. Secondly, because I had a conversation recently with a woman who seemed to own her past and use it for her "story" about not moving forward quicker. We all need continual reminders as to how powerful we are an…

Operating Without All Of Your Tools

I had to do what I love with about half of my instrument today. This is always a challenge, yet there is always such a huge learning curve. If you had to walk with just one leg or see with just one eye, how would you deal with it? So it was not as bad for me, but it gave me pause just the same. My voice is what I use to make my living, among other things. Today I woke up and knew from my first breath that I was under par and that I may have to push forward any way. I actually tried to not show up for my session today and my boss or bandleader told me that he needed me and to come anyway and do the best that I could.

   As a vocalist, I have learned to make do with what voice that I have when I have to show up and make things happen. At the same time, to not be in a place of full strength is humbling and can take a stab at the ego. When this happens, any training that I have received prior to these moments is immediately exposed. In other words, I have to step up and concentrate on …

Rich Conversations and Strong Relations

The past few days I have distracted by a few things. These things have been related to my health and my conversations with others. My voice has been acting up more than I would like it to. It has challenged me even to speak for too long and forced me listen and be quieter. I would love to say that I have been not talking, but I have. I truly have had some of the richest conversations with some of my most treasured friends and family over the past week or so. There is no particular reason that this has happened during the past week or so, however, I felt it and it has been so good.

   One of my conversations was with a male friend that I highly cherish. We spoke of some things that  were very deep and rich on so many levels. What got me very excited and feeling so good was the level of appreciation that we have for each other. Our friendship has spanned over 10 years and it is still going. He is vigilant, driven, full of talent, and most of all highly perceptive to my changing ener…