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Another Day To Love And Nothing More

So here we are at that magical day again. The one that tells you to do a certain thing or a facsimile of it to stay above water with your significant other. I am not going to mention the name of the day because I am not concerned with being looped into the hoopla by allowing trackers to yank me in. Just top be clear, I have no ill feelings about this day, just some strong opinions about it, Anything that involves love or care or gratefulness is for me. This one in particular has blown way out of proportion. I have had this conversation with a few people this week.

   My men, my team, my good soldiers of love! Take back your sanity and just be yourself as much as you possibly can. What if you were told when to eat, when to go to the bathroom, and when to raise your arms up in the air? What if there were no days off of that and you had to listen, would that be fun? I think that you get my point. The real problem is the media. They send us subliminal messages that tell us we will be d…

The Barter System Is Under Used

I think about this almost every day at some point. The concept of helping other people with the things that you have and then they do the same for you. Just to be clear, I do not believe that you have to get when you give each and every time. Actually, I believe that the more you give, somehow the universe gives back to you at the right place and time. It's not a perfect science as it relates to when and how, it just happens. With that in mind, I am a strong believer that we can all do this and change the vibration of the world.

   This afternoon I sang for a corporation that happens to be an airline. There was no pay, however, they gave me free miles for each of the two gigs that I did. To be specific, they gave me 20,000 miles per gig! Yes, you read that right, 20,000 miles times 2. So I have 40 thousand miles to travel. This translates into 2 round trip tickets or more, depending on where I choose to go. This is a great system to get involved with on so many levels. What coul…

Two Good Samaritans And A Purse Snatcher

Firstly, I love the word "Samaritan". I looked it up as I was about to use it and found out that i had been spelling it wrong for years in my head. I now knew the right way to spell it. It comes from the bible originally as I understand it. The meaning is basically a compassionate person who unselfishly helps others, especially strangers. Just a little set up story so you know where I am going as I tell you two little stories.

   I was at a Starbucks yesterday and was astounded by something that I saw. A woman was sitting down on her computer with her purse behind her. A man came along and yanked it off of the chair and ran out of the store. I thought it was strange because he did it so forcefully. There was no finesse involved at all. As soon as he cleared the door, two men ran after him that were complete strangers. The first one chased him about a half of a block and then the thief dropped the things and kept going. The second guy continued to chase him and they ran i…

The Lending Of Your Ear

There are many lessons that I have learned over the years that I have carried with me consistently and used them on many levels. Some are a bit bitter sweet and others are priceless in their value. The one that consistently humbles me is when you are able to be there for someone who does not want a solution, they just want an ear to listen. I can say that I did not get this for quite some time. Even when I needed it, I did not position myself correctly to receive it as such. Having an internal conversation with yourself is miles different, than releasing it into the air to someone that you love and/or respect.

   I have had two calls like this in the past few weeks. One came from a male and one came from a female. They both expressed frustration either with a life situation or a person they had interacted with in their day. As I heard the distress in their voices, I waited and let it sit for a moment. I actually remember interrupting at least two times during both calls. However, I…

A Master Class In Patience

He sat about 2 feet away from me and I was there to open up his mind to an instrument that would surely pay him back in unlimited joy in the years to come. I set the rules in place from the first five minutes. When I speak, you do not play. When I play, you only play if instructed to. Lastly, I will tell you what we are going to cover, then we will do it. Lastly, when we are finished with our lesson, we will review what we learned and you will get a small homework assignment. He agreed, albeit reluctantly. I was attempting to get into his head, smoothly without any push back.

     This incredible child is over 5 yet under 10. He loves to play the guitar and my mission is to get him familiar with how it works and how he can make it do exactly what he wants it to. He fidgeted and strummed when I told him not to. He became fascinated with my guitar and wanted to switch guitars halfway through the lesson. I agreed, on one condition. He had to listen and wait for my instruction. That …