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The Secret Behind Us All

We are all a little bit afraid.
   It's never too late, we just quit too early.
   Our fears and misconceptions are never really proven.
   So many people are the exact opposite of what you see.
   Love is actually easiest when there is the least effort.
   True givers are not concerned with receiving.
   Our expectations of others are what actually block us from them.
   The imaginary walls around us, can be scaled.
   Hate depletes our support system instead of those that we hate.
   All of us are still learning.

Lastly, you have no obligation to believe any of this. You could be the only one who has it all figured out.


The What's Underneath Project

I watched some videos today from something online that really moved me in a large fashion.  I love how some people can just expose their souls and get some clarity and do it in front of the world. We all have our doubts about our abilities, our shortcomings, or our feelings of being under par. This was really a bunch of eye opening interviews and I did not want to stop watching them. I will put the link on the bottom of this posting.

  Being real is still a rarity that few people on this earth can claim. When we are hurting or when we are free and clear and smiling, to be real and just let it out is powerful and beyond intense. These people in these videos had their own personal brands of struggle and they stepped up to them online in front of the world. They all have issues with their bodies or minds or their way of being. I just wanted to reach out and hug them through the screen. Most of them are here in NYC, so I can actually go and tell them how much they affected me through t…

Schomburg Was Puerto Rican / You Will

This fact was offered to me today. I had no idea that Schomburg was Spanish at all. I always thought that he was black. When I say black, I mean born in America and black. This was purely based on not doing my research to a deeper degree. I take full responsibility for it. I have actually not even been to that museum here in Harlem. Actually I have been there, just not inside. I will change that this month and write a post about it. Assumption of any kind will get you nowhere.

   So what a conversation I just had with a very intelligent person. She and I have been friends for years. I help her when I can with my male perspective that run the gamut of topics. Today we had a conversation that touched a nerve in me. As we spoke, she told me that she did not trust white people. This certain person is not from here, nor will I divulge her nationality at all. All I can say is that I felt something when she said that.  It sent a tinge up my vertebrae. She said if its white I generally don…

Super Bowl 2015 Insights

This was a very go d Super Bowl game. I truly believe that both teams truly came to play. It was clear as soon as the game started that they both wanted it badly. The players were moving down the field with purpose and focus. I watched the many different ways that the players moved across the field and it was intense. The past two super bowls seems rather uneventful to me for the most part. I normally tend to watch he game because of the halftime show, but I was engaged all the way through this time. By the way, Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, and Missy Elliot were phenomenal. They are all such great artists for sure. The imagination put into that stage was just awesome.

     So when the first touchdown was thrown, I knew that the other team would get a bit anxious and amped up, and they did for sure. I loved the fact that both teams had gotten 2 touchdowns before the half. There were some unforeseen mishaps and they were not necessarily in the best interest of both teams, but that…