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Taylor Made Golden Wisdom

I am not sure that I have ever mentioned my strong and undying respect for James Taylor. He is one of the most prolific artists in the history of music for sure. His songs are stories that seem to warm you and make you pay attention to life and how we are each affecting it and each other, each and everyday. His music has sold over 100 million units worldwide and the number continues to rise as we speak. I believe that he is a true humanitarian in every sense of the word.

    This morning I watched an interview of his that was taped aboard the QE2 last year if I am not mistaken. There were so many nuggets of bliss that made me stop and think over and over again. One of the things that he said was that he is constantly humbled when people come out to see him and his band. However, what he really wants people to know is that he is not that much different from any one of them. He has had ups and downs so many times. He came back from substance addiction and marriage failures and so m…

The Love Languages Brush Up

I am not sure how many of you reading this blog have ever read the book The 5 Love Languages, but trust me, it's a big must. I make it a habit not to write about my personal life here for my own reasons. However, trust and believe, I work at the methods of love and the preservation of love tirelessly. I don't profess to be an expert on it at all. I am still learning and going through my own boot camp as it relates to this topic. There is always more to learn, see, be, and to do. The adventure is quite thrilling actually.

   So I read the first four chapters of this book today for the first time. I had skipped around it prior to today and received some huge gems that changed my perspective a bit here and there. By the way, reading the first 4 chapters only got me into the explanation of one love language. So just to let you know what I mean, there are 5 major love languages, according to the author, Gary Chapman. They are Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts Of Se…

Kundalini Day 4 / 18 Percent Suggested

There is just something to be said for things that challenge your current mindset. Life generally does not stay the same no matter who you are or how you slice it. This kundalini practice is the thing that gives me so many signals about my mind and body. I had a small conversation with the instructor before class. We spoke about Bikram yoga and how different it is. She was very quick to let me know that most humans would rather know what was coming up next and how hard they will have to push themselves. That does not exist in kundalini. Each day that I walk into that class, my mind and body are caught off guard.

    Part of today's class had to do with balancing the different hemispheres of the brain and leaving certain things behind you. I took that to mean, not reliving the past. I also say next to a special friend of mine that I had not seen in almost a year. My mind had actually put for energy that she would be at class tonight. She came in late while my eyes were closed du…

When They Called On You

There are times in life when something is needed,
   A special thing that must be done.
   It requires detail, passion, and strength.
   A certain race that must be won.

   So they rack their brains to see who fits.
   They have to push away the norm.
   The task at hand is far from easy.
   This note must blow from a certain horn.

   There are people everywhere its true.
   They are surely adept at a thing or two.
   But they were clear, they knew what they were doing.
   When they cleared the way and called on you.

   What you have no one else can claim.
    If they could, it would just be called "same".
    You are a diamond in the rough
    To mirror you sure would be tough.

   There is a reason that you shine so uniquely.
   The way that you glow inside so discreetly.
   You really have nothin to prove.
   It is clear why they did when they called on you.

   Yes, others are different, and walk with some grace.
   They maneuver around and hide to save face.

Maximum Exposure

This video was inspiring to me and I hope that it grabs you as well. I know that there are so many people that are working so hard to blend in and not be noticed. There are also those who have decided that they have to just live in their truth and be who they really are. This takes so much courage because there will inevitably be some scrapes and burns along the way should you choose that path.

  I'll let this video speak for itself.


Inner Voices Speaking Truths

I have said it so many times before as it has been said to me, listen to your gut. Just today I was on the train and a woman was about to sit down and the train jerked forward. My gut told me to reach out both of my arms and catch her or she would fall. I did that without hesitation. My arms seemed to move before my mind gave the green light. A young woman next to me smiled and told me that was a nice and quick reaction. I agreed and felt good about it. The strange , yet interesting thing about it was that the woman never looked at me, thanked, me, or anything. Honestly, I did not need it either. I did what I felt to do in the moment and I accepted it fully. Had she fallen, I would have felt just a tad bit responsible.

   The same inner voice is telling me to make certain business decisions and to be true to my calling of building leaders and linchpins within my organization that can carry the baton further than I can in the future. To link up with those who have an even stronger…

The No Show Experience

There are times in our lives when we are faced with people who decide not to show up. We all have times in our lives that do not work out the way that we think that they will. It is unfortunate that we have to encounter these situations, but we do. You may have a time to show up for work, or a dinner date. If you have somewhere to be, you generally will make it there after a while. So what happens when you do "not" show up to your appointment or date? Does it change your energy with that person or that organization? Can they move forward and give you another chance to make good? Some times yes, and some times no.

    So here is the situation. I had a rehearsal this evening. The rehearsal was planned for 4 people. 2 of the 4 showed up and 2 didn't. One of the two guys that didn't show up was coming to fill in for our usual guy on his instrument. That's right, the fill in didn't show up. We called him and he said that he had forgotten. Needless to say, he w…