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The Compliment Sandwich

My mother is a fascinating woman. I say that, not because she gave birth to me, but because the lessons and examples that she provides are never ending. I mean really never ending. She is a trough of interpersonal lessons through interactions. I have been listening and watching her for years. If I blog about those lessons, they would make you smile. We all have learned so much from our parents either directly or indirectly. It is a thing of beauty.

   So we are on the phone today talking about random things, mostly family related. The other phone rings a few times and she politely asks me to hold one while I can hear her greeting the people who are calling. Then one person calls and she greets them with the sentence, " 60 and fabulous!" I thought to myself, hmmmm, who could that be? Then I realized it was that person's birthday on the other line, a woman. My mother chose to begin the call with a compliment from the first sentence. I loved hearing that, then I realize…

Finding A Giraffe In Your Dream / I Can't Be Stopped

I had a very interesting conversation early this morning about what it means to have giraffes in your dreams. To say that I was instantly intrigued would be an understatement. My good friend and accountability partner told me that there were giraffes in her dream. I had my own imaginative ideas about what that might mean, but then she told me what her dream book told her that it meant and I really got excited for her. It made me want to know more, so I did a bit of research.

   What I found was really interesting. It basically said that you should decide if its time of you to take that risk or to stick your neck out a little bit further. It means that you should stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone like never before. I loved this, of course. It wasn't my dream, but the message was loud and clear. I am experiencing this message without having the dream, so I really felt lit up after hanging up the phone. The explanation said that the giraffe was a symbol of seeing things d…

Phone Up Face Down

Just so you know, this post was about to be named iPhone Up Face Down. But then I thought, even though the iPhone dominates the phone world, it's not the only phone in existence. So you can probably clearly see where I am about to go. Wherever you go on NYC, the phone are up and peoples heads are down. Now first let me say this, I have been guilty of this many times before, but I decided to change that. It's not because I am better than you or any one's in this city, its just because I realize that I am missing life. Little by little and bit by bit, we have become more and more disconnected from interacting with others. Now anyone who knows me knows that I engage with others anywhere that I go. It's a sport for me and I have watched my parents do it magnificently since the day I was born. I actually remember it. I cannot tell you how that is possible, but it's true.

   Any person that is in NYC for even one day will confirm the fact that the phones are blocking …

Put On Your Status Quo Cap And Blend

This title pretty much says it all. I have had some conversations lately that have made this crystal clear. When you are going against the grain, you are more so than not seem as a threat. There was a passage in a book that I am reading right now that speaks to this concept as well. We are truly not trained to color outside of the lines from the time that we are born. It's just obey, do not answer back, and do not change the system that already exists. If you can do this successfully for a lengthy period of time, you can keep your status quo position.

   Here is the other side of this equation, you always have a choice to veer off to another path that could possibly soothe you beyond belief. How do we know how and when to do this? For me, it's when the shoes that you previously wore without any pain, become tight like saran wrap over leftovers after Thanksgiving. I know some of you women out there that wear shoes that are tight, yet sexy times ten. However, that is somethi…

On This Day Of MLK

This day gives me pause. Here was a man who stepped forward to voice his opinions at a time that it was very much so unpopular to do so with such conviction. I would even go further and say that he knew that he could be brought to his death sooner than later, but he did it anyway. I think of how it must have been to walk around have to use specific parts of public places and to not be able to enter other places at all. How insane it must have been to be identified purely by the color of your skin? In truth, I wish that we could say that this mentality has vanished, but it has not. I can say though, that we are more aware and that more options are everywhere. The world has changed enough to notice that what was once seemingly impossible, is now possible.

   I dug deeper to find out more about this man when I woke up this morning. I do this quite frequently when I am moved by the strength in people. I have actually researched MLK at different times of the year and I always find new …