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Harsh Truths

We cannot be all things to all people. We can never know what someone is truly thinking. The best of us can take a beating from time to time and bring out the worst in us. Most people don't respect others because most people don't respect them.  Continual kindness always pays off in the end.  There is no way to make everyone happy, no matter how careful we try to be. We have met thousands of people in our lifetime. Those who matter the most cannot be forgotten. If we continually doubt ourselves, others will follow suit. Just because you view someone as more successful than you , doesn't mean that they are happier. Money does not change everything. Love is not unconditional. There are always conditions. Inspiring someone without actually knowing that you did until they tell you is magical. Giving away that which you love the most is truly powerful. The words that leave your mouth in a negative way will always be recorded by the receiver of them. When you accomplish somethi…

Not Wanting To Look Bad

This topic is one of my all time favorites of my life. I have never met a person who has not dealt with this in all of my years! It comes up because I had a friend message me and tell me that he would do a certain thing if he doesn't have a chance of looking bad. His exact words I believe were, "Yeah, I'll do this but I don't want to mess anything up and I don't want to look bad." I listened to the message and I took a few deep breathes knowing full well that his request was self induced. I think you hear where I am going with this.

   We all have a standard that we want to match up to in this life. The problem with that, in my opinion, is when the standard that we want to match up to, is an exterior person or simply the opinions of others. Each and every time I felt myself not wanting to look bad in this life, I knew that the feeling was coming from the wrong place. I can admit that from the depths of my soul. I have been in the entertainment business for…

The Greeting Changes Everything

Recently, I have noticed that many more stores here in NYC have placed greeters in their foyers. I love this more than I can say. There is just something about someone saying hello to you when you enter a store. They usually have a smile on their face and they usually are stationed there to do it again and again all day. The first place that I remember it affecting game quite strongly was Anthropologie. I love this store for so many reasons. Its just real and it has items in it that seem to speak to the most earthy and natural part of us. I have not heard too many guys say that they like this store, however, I stick to my statement. I could probably write a while posting on that store. Maybe I will do that later in the year.

   Yesterday I was going into a well know tea and coffee place her in NYC called Argo. Theses another one of my favorite places to visit. I love the aesthetic and the teas are just delicious. They have a coffee cup that they give you to go that is pure art, by…

The Writing Of A Song

I have written quite a few songs and they have been kept undercover for the most part, out side of a few that are online. Today the concept of what it really means to me has been knocking my cranium in a big way. Think about what would happen if all of your most intense or most enjoyable moments in life could be made into a song? You wouldn't have to do anything. You would just be hooked up to a machine and it would measure the vibrations of your heart and siphon the words connected to it from your brain. Would that not be some next level madness? Obviously, that is not how it works.

   There are so many songs in me that want to shoot out like the sprinklers at Yankee stadium. They come from years ago up until the present moment and they are rich in so many ways. So, why do I write about this you may be asking? Because its time and I could not help but to write about it and to get it out in the open. Its funny how we have our people that we tell certain things to in our lives.…

Easily Offended? / Kundalini Day 2

We live amongst so many types of people who have been through so many unique and different experiences. It would be impossible to save every one by saying or doing the right thing each and every time each day. Trust me, at one time or another, I have set out to do that for single days at a time. Not a chance, let it go, set it free, absolutely not a chance. So we exist in our own bubble and we hope that we don't rub anyone the wrong way. Wait, do people even take it that far? I bet most people are so wrapped up in their worlds on the regular that it slips right by them. That leads right in to what I heard today.

   A woman was checking into the yoga class as I was leaving. The front desk woman, who could not have been more warm, open, and cordial was checking her in. It was obviously her first time at the studio. For some reason, she was asked about her age. I mean not outright, just that she left it blank on the application. She instantly retorted, saying that she was very off…

Life As "You" Know And Feel It

We all have perspectives in this life. Can you say that yours is right or wrong with absolute sureness? The correct answer is, no. Ah, but is that how I see that question or how it really is? Do you follow me? Take for example if a person that you care about tells you that they cannot do something or cannot meet a certain deadline, or something along those lines. Do yo step in with your reality and rescue them by telling them that they are more powerful than they think? Rent they entitled to navigate that situation to the best of their abilities? Tough question right?

   One person can see the world as ropey as the spring, while the next person can feel that life is hard and full of disappointment. We all make a choice each and everyday on how we will view the world and our surroundings. When you make that choice, those around you begin to see you that way. Some people will even decide that they will be too challenged to spend time with you. So they avoid you, stop answering your c…

The Factor Of Time

Isn't it strangely peculiar how time has a way of having its way with you when you do not plan properly? Anything can happen in life, even when you plan. However, the best planners that I have ever met have a plan within their plan and they make it happen no matter what it is. I am specifically referring to getting somewhere at a particular time to begin a particular activity. We have all been there and we will all probably be there again in due time.
   Today I was all geared up for my second day of Kundalini this year and all of the pistons were seemingly in order. My clothes were all set, my bag was light, and I had a warm coat on. Walked briskly to the subway and I was in control of my day. Then I had to wait about 25 minutes for the train. I knew that I would not be on time for the class, so I turned around and went back home to tackle my next task of the day. In some situations, I would have gotten on the train anyway, just to say that I showed up. Its just that in this inst…