When People Come Together / Hello

  I am no stranger to events. I have been fortunate to be at some of the most incredible events over the past 10 years or more. It's exciting to say the very least. There have been birthday parties, corporate events, showers, company parties, celebrity events, and so many more categories to name. I watch people very carefully at these events and there is a sort of magic in the everyone being there together. It's how they dress and how they speak and of course the reason why they are there that keeps me entertained. Most people probably think that musicians are bored of the people and the whole shebang, but not me. I can tell you something interesting that happened at almost every party that I have ever been to. Most of the time I am performing at the party. It's just the people that are so interesting.

   There are usually people interacting with people that they would normally not care to speak to in the office and so forth. However, the free alcohol usually takes care of that very quickly. The inhibitions seem to just vanish when everyone is happily inundated with a myriad of liquors and spicy libations. Being a non alcohol drinker, I get to see the show very clearly and in color. I am blessed to be entertaining people who seem to be in their comfort zones most times and just take it all in. If they hear their favorite song or one close to it, they close their eyes and let it all flow. I like being the catalyst for that time and time again. It gets even better when you do the same party for two or three years in a row and people remember you too. That is always a fine compliment. Most recently, I had a person come up to me and tell me that they love the band and that they cannot wait to rock out just like last year. It's the simple things that propel this great big juicy life that we all get to exist in.

    Now to a simple word that we all say all of the time. When you think of the world "hello", it seems so brief and not complicated at all right? You can use it in so many ways that compliment or add to the other part of the sentence. I have chosen to write about it because wherever I go in the last month or so, I hear the song "Hello", by Adele. The song has permeated the entire world it seems. I heard it today being played by a group of 5 horns in the subway. I heard it yesterday as a well known artist did a formidable cover of it. I even heard it as I was walking down the street today as the woman next to me was humming it to herself and the entire block it seemed. Don't get me wrong, I could not be happier for her success, I am just blown away at how certain songs really pierce pop culture in a way that truly cannot be ignored. There was even a video on Facebook where a father challenged his daughter to place it backwards on the keyboard in Spanish and English. If she could do it, then $20 was hers. She was successful to say the very least. You can watch the video HERE
   These topics just came to me quite randomly. I have no idea why. I just let them out and that is that. Today has been a random day as well. I appreciate you being here. I always want you to know that. Be well..



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