The Words That Cause Us To Glisten Inside

   In my circle of friends, there are a few people that say things from time to time that completely soothe me. I have a particularly sweet duo of close friends that are in a relationship that is truly beautiful. I was with them today and they filled me with love as they always do. They have a certain balance that is wonderful to be in the midst of each and every time. I met them at a restaurant many years ago and we have been close ever since. We are currently involved in a business venture together and they are so comfortable to be around that it is beyond pleasurable. We connect on a level that is hard to truly explain.

    We spoke today about some things that were extremely interesting. I enjoy the moments in life when key people offer you a short history lesson that you needed to hear, or possibly even turn you on to a new piece of music that makes them happy. I received a disc from them that they told me I must listen to as well. It has to do with higher consciousness of the masculine and feminine energy. I will listen to it a little bit before I go to sleep and somehow I believe that it will possibly even make me sleep better. It's just their energy that I trust so very much. I am so grateful for these two people.

     How is it that you can say certain things to people and they receive it so deeply? While at other times you release a statement or comment and it gets smashed to pieces? There is no clear cut answer to this question, it's just life and all people are different. The point that I am bringing forth here, is that it certainly is nice when you are in the proper flow with others. They listen and you listen in return. They are not attempting to challenge you or to stifle your thoughts, they just let you flow and you give it back to them in return. Still to this day, I believe that one of the most powerful statements in the English language is,"I trust you." These amazing women told me that and it made me want to be even better to them than ever before. It all starts with that bond of appreciation in my humble opinion.

     To top all of this off, as I left today, I was given a gift. One of these two gifted women gave me an article of clothing that she made herself. It's a scarf that is colorful and full of life force and overflowing energy. I was prepared to buy it and they gave it to me. I knew that our energy must have been flowing so well for her to give me such a divine gift. It is one of the most beautiful scarves that I have ever been given. Interesting how the scarf will always go in the area that needs to stay warm and be treated well. I couldn't talk or sing correctly without my neck being properly taken care of each and every day. So there it is, the complete circle. We receive words of wisdom, words of love, compassion, joy, and even gratefulness. Then we are most time inspired to return these words. Afterwards, these feeling can turn into a physical manifestation that can be a favor or a gift or even a smile or a warm hug. How can we go wrong if we follow this path?

       I am in a major state of giving this year. I just love the reaction that it causes. It does not have to be a tangible item either. It can be a look, a touch, a smile, or even a handwritten note. Whatever you choose, let it reach the target person successfully. The effects are magnificent. Be well..



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