The Progress Report

  This is without a doubt a big topic. When I refer to a progress report, I mean our own. I believe that there are things around us that let us know how far we have come on our journey. As an artist, I have many times that are literally imprinted in my brain that have made me feel closer to my ultimate goal. Those moments when you look at yourself and say, "Am I really here right now with such and such?" How did I get here and what does this mean? I usually pull my own coat though and remind myself that it's just a step on the journey and not to take it too seriously. We can make too much meaning out of certain things and it distracts us.

   In the entertainment industry, there are different levels of success if you ask certain people. Some musicians play small and intimate clubs. Some play in huge stadium where they cannot even see all of the people. While others have no interest in people actually liking or connecting with their music. They just do it because it feels good to them and that is it. To be real and up front, success can only be measured by your own perspective. I have been successful since about 1992 in my mind. I have traveled the world a few times over and I have done things that did not even know that I could do. I got a big dose of not knowing what I did not know. That concept in itself is mind-blowing.

    As I rub shoulders with some high level people in my industry, what has become more and more important to me is who are they outside of the profession? They can play or sing or arrange or even lead a huge band. However, when I am face to face with them, are they looking at me or through me? Do they hear what I am saying or are they just waiting to speak? Can I come to them and lock arms with them to create something bigger, or are they in it for their own personal gain only? I am convinced that we all bring a certain unique quality to our art. This applies to all human beings, by the way. I just happen to be focusing on those in the arts right now.

    My progress report says that I am staying the course, so I am about to be handsomely rewarded for it. At the same time, it says that I must keep filling others with anything that can help them as well. There is no one sided energy here. In the past week I have gotten 3 different calls to help a few different people in completely different ways. It has been challenging thus far, and I have not figured out how to help each one of them. I have resources that may help all of them, however, nothing is guaranteed.

    In closing, I always have to remind myself that someone else's progress has nothing to do with yours at all. A friend of mine told me yesterday that she met a woman who just created an online course that is in her 80's I believe. It humbled her in a big way because she wants to do it, but is somewhat riddled in fear. I told her to go for it and that I would do anything to help her. I know for a fact that her personal progress report is not to her liking. She is about to step it up though and I believe in her. If you are presently drowning in quiet desperation, open up your mouth and say something. Tell anyone that will authentically listen that you want to complete something that scares you and advances you all at the same time. Ask them to lock arms with you and then fly. What is your personal progress report? Are you thriving, just arriving, or just surviving? I'm out like the running man.



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