The Beautiful People

  To be transparent upfront, I was milliseconds from calling this posting "The Beautiful Ones". Then I thought of the Prince song that has that exact title. I was careful to avoid that soft collision. Anyhow, I wanted to delve into a topic that is widely spoken about at least daily. It's magic to me purely because of it's many layers. When someone is beautiful, the pressure and the attention is seemingly unbearable no matter what. I am speaking of the Haley Berry, to the Denzel Washingtons. They are looked at as almost invincible at times. How could they have issues looking that good right? Of course you know I am not serious. They are human just like you and I.

   I am writing this about those that I know that are beautiful. Not to expose them, but to compliment them covertly. For clarity, I feel that all of my friends are beautiful, just in different ways. I have a friend that is very attractive, yet she does not see it. I have another friend that has enough inner beauty to light up Times Square if the lights went out. Yet if ask her about her outer beauty, she would tell you that she is completely not attractive at all. The men do not get a pass on this either. One of my closest male friends is truly good looking. Each and every time that I see him, I would swear that he is going to a special event. I respect this about him, however, I often wonder if he has a fear of just dressing casual and free? Just a wonder, that is all. I cannot talk. I often think of looking my best as well. I do it for myself mostly because those that I look up to the most have made a lasting impression on me since I was a young boy.

    We all know how much beauty sells products, navigates careers, and quite frankly, on many levels makes the world go round. But what really gets me is when you come across a truly beautiful person through and through. You know the moment when they say that one sentence that stops you cold. When that sentiment that they utter lets you know that you matter, or better yet, that you are on the right path. I have had that experience a few times this week and I am grateful for it. Part of me believes that I wrote some thoughts about it recently and the universe was answering me by allowing me to receive certain statements. Another part of me is just grateful period.  It's not all that complicated.

     I read somewhere a long time ago that it's the most beautiful people that usually have the most pain inside hidden under their beauty. I have dissected that statement many times over. I can honestly say that I have met several people both man and woman that fit this profile. I have had the privilege to see them when their beauty had nothing to do with the real pain that they felt during a particular time in their life. Beauty will never solve it all no matter who you are. I recently overheard someone speaking about the wildly popular singer Adele. I truly respect and support her. I think she is real, beautiful, talented, and not full of ego. I think that she laid out her inner most feelings about pain to the entire world, and we embraced it. Well, we didn't all embrace it. This person asked why is she so popular? She is so ugly. Then they backtracked and said that she looked better now than she did before. Afterwards, they added that she has a really good voice though. Guess what? This came from a young boy who is not even in his double digits yet. Interesting how he has already formed his opinion of what is beautiful at his age right?

      To wrap this up, the world needs beauty. It's an awesome thing that it comes in so many forms. Although, some people have a very strict paradigm on how it is measured, it is vast and never ending in my humble opinion. I could make a list that would stretch far and wide of all that I think is beautiful. In fact, maybe I will. Thank you for purposely extending your fingers to type this address and read these posts. I am grateful. Sending you light and forward motion..



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