Striving With Low Expectations

 Now at first glance, if I had seen this sentence, it would have not made sense to me at all. I have heard countless conversations where people say that they don't expect too much from themselves or other people. Therefore, they do not get upset half as much of the time as everyone else does. If you don't expect to win a race or be chosen for a job or an audition, does it minimize your chances of winning or getting it? This is the question that I have been pondering.

  Just so you know, this posting comes on the heels of hearing a certain person play with these words a little bit. From my perspective, I am not usually comfortable with having low expectations in life. I see many things as abundant and possible and open to many outcomes. However, as I watch those who do not actually think that things will pan out right, some of them also do win from time to time. So then the question that begs to be answered is, can you strive for excellence with low expectations?

  Let's break this down. If I expect to run 20 miles nonstop in a race that has a large monetary prize connected to it, will I run better than the guy or girl who is just there for the experience and could care less about the prize? My thinking tells me that we are all energy. So when we are sending out vibes that we don't have high expectations, I feel that energy works to match it. However, I have heard it said that if you don't expect too much, then you can't be disappointed. I do not subscribe completely to that point of view.

   The other thing is that if we are expecting people to know exactly how we feel, then that is truly unfair because that is impossible. Can you honestly say that you can describe or truly give another person the feeling that you had after your first child or first time that you fell in love? However, we are constantly getting upset when people do not see things exactly our way or cannot feel the way that we feel about certain things. I have been there quite a few times and I can say with much conviction that I manage it completely differently now. I listen and talk less. Then I make a decision. It's hard when certain people leave our lives because we did not see things their way or even worse because they cannot deal with who we are without attempting to change us. That is a part of life though and we have to expect that it will happen at one time or another.

   In closing, the magic in this topic is that we have a choice to feel the way that we feel. We can strive for the best and expect the worst if we like. We can also see things in a way that always has some light attached to it no matter what. We all have to listen to our gut feeling and let it guide us. I feel that we are all laced with so much possibility that it would scare us if it were shown to us. I truly dislike the stories of people who never thought that anyone believed in them, so they just gave up. Then for the rest of their lives they are just stuck in one mode like a car on cruise control that is stuck on 55. That is not why we are here. In my gut, I feel that we are here to expose all of our magic and spread it around as wide and as far as we possibly can. So if you are not expecting too much from yourself these days, flip it and see what happens. You never know right? Peace




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